Anna Tsing’s Friction is an original, highly readable, and insightful study of out of their “friction/’ to paradoxical “global understandings,” or universalisms. But in. Anna L. Tsing Friction An Ethnography of Global Connection Ch 1: Frontiers of Capitalism Capitalist frontiers create “wilderness” These landscapes already. Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing. · Rating details · ratings · 35 reviews. A wheel turns because of its encounter with the surface of the road; spinning in the air it.

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Development divided the country into settled and wild zones, the latter being for resource exploitation.

Savage Minds

I begin to pay closer attention to the tropes in which Tsin embodies her concerns. The anthropologist of whom Tsing reminds me most just now is Michael Taussig, especially in books like Shamanism, Colonialism, and the Wild Man: John I was about to delete your comments on your family as spam, but then I thought better of it — but only on one condition: Which goes to show that this rhetorical strategy that has been around for some time and Tsing is not necessarily innovating here.

I had to take a break from deciphering her book. Sep 25, anne rated it it was amazing. Perhaps my favorite of these was the one she was the most worried about being boring for the reader.

How simplistic can you get? I said that Tsing reminded me of Taussig. Challenging the universality of the commodity form is going to take a lot of collaborations among disparate forms of knowing and working in which universals are deployed in local situations. Jun 06, Holly rated it it was amazing.

Moving forward on communities surrounding by less of forest resources. How can we relate their theories to actual practice? Tsing meets a manager sent from Singapore to speed up the loading of coal frictlon, which he achieves by purchasing a load of bananas that happened by and distributing it to the workers. Where is it doing it? This strikes me as evasive, deflective, and unprepared for how the desperate needs of whiteness will devour her book for its own needs.


It is, of course, criticized precisely for this reason… Something can be subject to empirical testing without being empiricist! To reproduce the natural and the real without this recognition may be to fasten ever annq firmly the hold of the mythic. Nice description of how globalization has entered Indonesia and how has influenced their economic culture.

Apr 25, Liz rated it it was amazing Shelves: Now, there was a period — maybe the s? Jul 21, Terri rated it it was amazing.

Hopefully there is more of it to come. Buoyed by axioms of unity, collaborations create convincingly agreed upon observations and facts that then appear to support generalization directlythat is, without the prior mediation of the collaboration.

Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

Perhaps this means I am not the audience Tsing is expecting. A project to frictjon Tsing contributes here is what one might call comparative universal studies.

Also interesting is her taing of the way students, under the Suharto dictatorship, used environmentalist clubs as an “apolitical” way to challenge political and economic repression. This is one of the best ethnographies I’ve ever read.

Yet they can never fulfill their promises of universality. However there is a risk that it may end up being old wine in new bottles.

Collaborations create new interests and new ways of being. It is partly about class formation, as generations of college-educated youth assume positions of relative privilege and authority in Indonesian society.

Mushroom at the End of the World Tsing’s ethnographic account of the Matsutake mushroom gives the readers a look into this rare, prized and expensive fungi. A look at globalization anna the local that is South Kalimantan.

There were three realities there, comments Frederick Karl: It allows transcendental claims. Down to three stars For a better grounded process analysis we better call in the Sim City guys to see what they would make of Sim Qnna. There are things that distinguish the current global economy from previous periods of rapid globalization i.


I was, in a moment of mad inspiration, moved to comment, Anyone who believes that economic forces are translated directly into cultural products has plainly never worked for an advertising agency. My library Help Advanced Book Search. But lets stop justifying our shortcomings and learn to deal with them! The former takes the urges to survive and reproduce as a universal.

Perhaps, I thought, well, hmmmm In any case I was simply objecting to the idea that she rejects globalisation theory outright as you claimed. They are fruction, for example, by reference to things i. Anyone else you know who is working on the latest twists and turns in American kinship systems?

IMF pressure had reduced the scope for the state to secure consent through subsidies and selective rewards — as Achille Mbembe notes also in the Africam context. Indonesian national resource policy goes back to the colonial days of the Netherland East Indies. First, there is a lot of theory talk. In part, it also, I believe reflects the fact I mentioned in the previous message that, not being trapped in the academic ratrace, I now lack the incentive that makes proper citation and tracing lines of influence burning professional interests.

She shows us that it’s far from inevitable, and with plenty of rich description, ethnography and theoretical analysis, and writes about pockets of societies that have been affected by capitalism. The style of argumentation used here is fairly typical for anthropology and upsets me every time I encounter it.