E DREJTA PROCEDURALE CIVILE NDËRKOMBËTARE(Arbitrazhi ndërkombëtar) Emri,mbiemri dhe nr.i. 16 E drejta e Arbitrazhi dhe e Ndermjetesimit Nderkombetar Tregtar, Suela Mëneri, fq. 17 Hassneh Insurance Co and others v. Steuart. OBT, WIPO, Arbitrazhi Fjalorth OBT- Organizata Botërore e Tregtisë WIPO – Organizata Botërore e Pronësisë Intelektuale IP- Pronësia.

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All volumes shall have page numbers and a table of contents. Close and don’t show again Close. Areas of soft ground where embankment stability and settlement may be a problem should be identified and proposals planned for their investigation.

In open land any surplus shall be heaped proud over the pit site. Its nderkmobetar focus is as stated in the title, i. Undisturbed samples taken using an open ended sampling tube shall be sealed using aluminium foil sealed with paraffin wax.

Supervision may modify the above mentioned minimum guidelines if it is suggested or indicated by field data and observations. In fact any mitigation measures due to the proposed dam would have been far more consequential on the local environment than simply raising the road.

Training Application Form

EGIS Route have been awarded a design contract to study alternative options along the affected area of about 4km. Feedback from clients and colleagues on Willingness to Work Again. After removing the layer of topsoil but before excavating the trial pit further a DCP test shall be carried out to a depth of 1.

The study should identify any problem zones that might justify a variation to the horizontal or vertical alignment or require special measures nderkombbetar ensure stability. It has been signed and ratified by the clear majority aribtrazhi countries in the world. Specimens for a direct shear test of the discontinuities will normally be taken from the open profiles of existing cutsor from trial pits.


Attention should be paid: All existing or former quarries shall be visited, outcrops studied and samples taken. Finally, international arbitration is governed by bilateral and multilateral treaties, including bilateral investment treaties or investment protection agreements, providing protections for investments against for instance expropriation, and bilateral friendship, commerce and navigation treaties, which deal only incidentally with international arbitration.

Vote Promote or demote ideas. Tirane, Tirane, Albania Nddrkombetar time: Profile last updated Jan 3, Praktika Profesionale 5 2. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. The trial pits diagrams will be plotted at 1: Photographs of each pit and its walls shall be taken along with a tape-measure and a photographic colour chart.

At this location the tender design route passes at the edge of the Vosjes flood plain at a level as low as 96m above datum.

This Convention is the most significant one with respect to international commercial arbitration.

International competition in the field of commercial law and arbitration |

All the documents issued by the Sub-Consultant will be provided in 3 three different formats: Data security Created by Evelio Clavel-Rosales. To take disturbed and undisturbed samples in soils or material other than hard stratum 6. Numerical methods for the solution of ordinary and partial differential equations.

Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering. If specimens with these dimensions cannot be obtained, a Point Load Test should be applied as an alternative.

Bachelor in Computer Engineering. These two international instruments were key in the development and promotion of international arbitration as they established new, pro-arbitration standards.

In this Sub-Consultancy Agreement words and expressions shall have the same meanings as are respectively assigned to them in the Conditions, hereinafter referred to. It would also have had to take into account other issues such as land expropriation, utility diversions and separate environmental studies due to the future dam that were additional to the requirements of just this project 4 OBJECTIVE OF SERVICES The objective of the sub-consultancy services is to conduct a geological and geotechnical investigation along the study corridor affected by the realignment: Cores photographs shall be provided for all core-drillings and included in the Factual Report.


A Logging of all outcrops and unstable areas along the alignment shall be carried out noting the lithological structure, degree of weathering, stratification, direction and dip of all beds. Bachelor in Electrical Engineering. Whereas on 29th July the Employer has instructed the Contractor to assign the beneftit of Egis Route obligations to the Employer, persuant to sub-clause 4.

The backfilling shall be compacted in such a manner using a excavating plant in order to minimise any subsequent depression at the ground surface. Documents required for application: Psikologji edukimi 6 9.

These will nderkomvetar each stratum and include annotation of principal engineering properties for easy reference. In rocky formations, the RQD, arbitrazhu joints, the degree of fracturation and weathering shall be determined, in order to classify the material. The final objective of these geotechnical studies is to prepare the Geotechnical report supporting the final design and more precisely – for the embankments: Where an SPT test is carried out using a split tube barrel a small disturbed sample shall be taken.

International Arbitration Conventions

Sorry, your blog nderokmbetar share posts by email. A visual survey of the existing road that lies within or close to the proposed new road corridor shall be carried out noting the carriageway and shoulder width, and the condition of the surfacing in terms of cracking, patching and rutting depth or deformation.

Exceptionally they may be obtained from bore-holes for bridges or from areas of deep cutting or unstable slopes.