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Arkan E Islam

This example of faith, unity and brotherhood can not be found anywhere in the world. Offering Namaz regularly also makes a man punctual and his life ib regular and neat. The fourth rukan of Islam is Hajj, the pilgrimage to Makkah in the last month of Islamic year. In fact this is the basis of once belief.

Arkan-e-Islam – Islamic Book Bazaar

Thirdly, the payment of Zakat, an annual financial obligation paid by Muslims on specific wealth or capital they possess, exceeding a specific limit, to categories explained in the Quran. Here arkan e islam in a brief detail of all these pillars of Islam: Zakah is the donation of 2. This utterance enables one to avoid from sins arkqn to do good deeds.


The fifth rukan of Islam is fasting in the month of Ramadan. Islam is structured on five pillars: It is obligatory upon Muslims to fast in this month and fast means not to eat, drink and sexual islzm from dawn to sunset. A silam who arkan e islam in his wish and physical need arkn prohibited acts during fast realizes the plight of those people who remain deprived without choice and it creates a sense of piety and zeal to help those people.

Zakah in fact shows the beauty of the Islamic social system that money circulates among the rich and poor and it is not only bounded in the hands of rich people. The occasion of Hajj is a symbol of unity and brotherhood of Muslims. Fourthly, fasting arkan e islam in the month of Ramadan and fifthly, the pilgrimage to Mecca Hajj once in a lifetime for those who have means to do so.

Offering Namaz lslam the Masjid with jamaat creates a sense of equality and arkan e islam in among the Muslims. In this blog we will discuss the first aspect which basically involves the five Arkan e Islam. These five basic obligations are called Arkan e Islam or five pillars of Islam.


December 06, – Published days ago Share. Shahadah Testimony of Faith.

Secondly, the establishment of the prayer by the individual and the community with all of its rules and prerequisites. Sahih Muslim In the light of this blessed Hadith arkan e islam in come to know that there are five basic obligations in Islam. The third rukan among Arkan e Islam is paying Zakah.

As they start their day by offering Namaz Fajar and also end the day with Namaz Isha. Hajj is obligatory upon Muslims to do once in their life if they are fulfilling the conditions required.


Sawm Fasting in Ramadan. Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca.

In the light of this blessed Hadith we come to know that there are five basic obligations in Islam.