ASHRAE Guideline ▫ TPS, Sections , and Annexes are part of the mandatory requirements to. “state” that you are complying with. Guideline . This technical guideline was put together by technical committees at ASHRAE. construction are defined by ASHRAE Guideline shown as follows. Re- Commissioning Process:“An application of the. Commissioning.

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Due to the integration and interdependency of facility systems, a performance deficiency in one system can result in less than optimal performance by other systems. This includes requirements for: Component test procedures verify the performance of components under a full range of actions, responses to inputs, and loads.

Indoor Air Quality Guide: Expert ashrrae is essential. In addition, the specific roles and responsibilities of the contractors relative to the Commissioning Process activities are reviewed.

The Owner reserves the right to eliminate or change the weight of extremely high or extremely low fee proposals. Include a statement regarding design professional commissioning responsibilities and scope in the request for design services. Execution of some tests may be deferred until appropriate natural loads, such as qshrae or design weather conditions, are available.

Submittal of the draft Commissioning Process Report to other Commissioning Team members may also be appropriate.

ASHRAE Guideline 0–,The Commissioning Process | U.S. Green Building Council

The recommended procedure has the following general steps: Receive and review the Systems Manual as submitted by the contractor. Update the Commissioning Plan during each phase of the project to incorporate changes and additional information. Develops specific test procedures. Goals can guideine from first cost, to time schedule, to number of change orders, or to life-cycle cost.


The workshop needs to be well organized, and it is very desirable to have the results formatted for immediate input into a computer analysis program for rapid feedback on consensus of the group. Schedule all document review coordination meetings. Annex B is specific to Guideline 0 and should not be changed in supplemental guidelines. This guideline is under continuous maintenance by a Standing Standard Project Committee SSPC for which the Standards Committee has established a documented program for regular publication of addenda or revisions, including procedures for timely, documented, consensus action on requests for change to any part of the guideline.

List who should attend the lessons-learned workshop. These guidelines will be developed by various professional, technical, and trade organizations. It is recommended that an Issues Log be maintained with the status of all current and resolved issues.

For example, this Guideline details what is required for a high-quality and effective Systems Manual and how and when it is developed, whereas a technical guideline details what specific information for a given system or assembly must be included in the Systems Manual.

This information is critical to understand and document the trade-offs made over time and the resulting impact on the project. It is merely informative and does not contain requirements necessary for conformance to the guideline.


Guideline buideline presents details on the Commissioning Process without focusing upon specific systems ashraee assemblies.

Schedules, organizes, and attends a lessons-learned workshop. Record individual responses in a round-robin fashion — no discussion at this point, just record the responses ashras a aashrae flipchart, overhead, chalkboard, or multi-computer link to all participants. List test requirements during occupancy, including periodic re-testing for a successful continuous operation of the facility.

The following needs to be included in the Pre-Design Phase section for [insert topic]: The requirements for a successful Commissioning Process Report are described in Section 7.

Continuously maintain the Record Drawings and submit as detailed in the Contract Documents.

Commissioning Essentials

The general process for accepting the Systems Manual is: Excellent verbal and written communication skills. It is not an additional layer of construction or project management. List guidelin training requirements, timing, learning outcomes. Reviews the in-depth design documentation developed by the design professionals.

List of items required for acceptance of Design Phase commissioning.