Athletic Shorts has ratings and reviews. Bonnie said: This short story collection serves as my introduction to Chris Crutcher as an author. These six powerful short stories chronicle bits of the lives of characters, major and minor, who have walked the rugged terrain of Chris Crutcher’s earlier w. These six stories from acclaimed author Chris Crutcher are about athletes, but are not simply sports stories. Here he presents characters from some of his be.

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This story takes place at a pool crhis at Lionel’s house. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys drama and is interested in sports.

This story brings up many emotions, but mainly sadness.

The boy is uneasy about this because no one in their small town has shortz heard of having AIDS and he is unsure if he will catch it just from being around him. Six Short Stories Book. Mar 12, Logan Erdmann rated it really liked it.

Jun 01, Melissa rated it liked it. His friends threaten to not hang out with him anymore if he starts hanging out with a gay man with AIDS. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for lots of great, action packed stories that throws you into an exciting world for 30 pages and shofts throws you into the next one. Six Short Stories by Chris Crutcher.

Athletic Shorts by Chris Crutcher

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Louie lost his girlfriend in a prior Crutcher book, and in this story he deals with his new friend and coworker, Darren, an AIDS victim. The next years of his life are filled with friends helping him, living on his own, swimming his hardest to get the images out of his head, and hating the kid who killed his family, Neal.


Nov 17, Frances rated it really liked it Recommends it for: He said, “They think kids should not be exposed in print to what they are exposed in their lives.

The only reason he got to dance with her in the first place was because he was on the athlteic team. Then, he transitions into how this guy is going to wrestle this girl and he is going to show her a thing a two and uses sexual innuendos.

All of the main characters have interesting stories. The way he ties sports and the real-world together just helps athletes like me understand what how other people can see certain topics.

I think that this book is good for teens, ranging from I’m not referring to the romantic like. Neal shows no sign that he is going to turn and is not even looking at where he was going. Pretty funny too, at least in part. Now this xhorts is not purely LBGT, but includes stories that could be categorized as such. Angus Bethune is chagrinned at having the name of a cow, particularly since he is the size of one.


Athletic Shorts

It was fun to read, intense, and nicely written. The fifth story is about a boy who has a short temper. Petey is embarrassed about being beaten by a girl.


He is paired up to wrestle a girl in an upcoming match. Lionel lost his parents in a boating accident at age While reading this captivating book, I felt inspired by the realness of the characters and their stories. I can definitely see “jock” type high school boys enjoying these stories, but not necessarily reluctant readers who are into sports.

Why was this book banned?

Angus-a fat kid always bullied and ready to take his stance. Some stories were very sad, and made me respect what I have. He sees the mangled bodies of his family fly and the boat snap in half. Too proud to stay away yet terrified to go, his problems are complicated by his secret love for the elected queen and by the fact that kids have always teased him because both his parents are gay. Really good, some deep moments, good to read with a group.

While none of these stories are directly about sports, athleticism is an important defining characteristic for these realistic portrayals. Oct 21, Nikki rated it it was amazing. Johnny is pushed atheltic the limit by his competitive, and sometimes abusive dad.

Well, when his parents remarried, they married someone of the same sex.