Autofac is an IoC container for , Silverlight 5, Windows Store apps, and Windows Phone 8 apps. It manages the dependencies between. Now a days I am experimenting with various IoC containers and trying to implement POC and sharing with the community. This article assumes. Dependency injection with Autofac- How to get started with Autofac. how to wire component with Autofac.

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This getting started guide walks you through these steps for tjtorial simple console application. My vote of 5 Josh Smith Jan 9: Follow us on facebook.

Dependency Injection with Autofac – CodeProject

To pseudocode what I’d probably investigate in auttofac scenario: Tell you what man this is awesome Sacha Barber May Member 9-Sep Member 2-Sep Nick really good answers thanks for that. Expressive Registrations Using expressions for component registration makes including Autofac in an application a snap. Note the example from above:. Then I have build container builder to get container object.

But, try as I might, I can’t titorial to find an “easy” IoC primer or tutorial anywhere.

AreNotSame a, b ; A component resolved this way will be disposed along with the lifetime scope from which it was requested. Without your help, I fear it would have been completely unintelligible.

If you resolve a lot of stuff directly from the container, you may end tutorila with a lot of things hanging around waiting to be disposed. This is achieved by treating regular. SomeSetting ; An implementation type can even be chosen based on a parameter: After adding a Autofac reference via nuget package.


Dependency Injection with Autofac

The code using ITrackListing can remain unaware of this implementation detail. Once you provide a reference, you will find the following reference in the references section of the application.

Visual Studio New Features. Once we run the application we will see the following result. IDisposable is both a blessing and a curse.

Gives great overview on this tool and it is very easy to understand. I thought it will be a good idea to start a blog series for my learning so other can get benefit of it.

First, you can adopt an MVC framework like Magellan and sidestep the issue altogether by having dependencies injected into controllers rather than view models, and having view models act as autofc data structures.

The result is that Autofac supports a wide autorac of application designs with very little additional infrastructure or integration code, and with a lower learning curve. This provides the flexibility needed to implement per-thread, per-request, or per-transaction component life-cycles.

ASP.NET 5 Dependency Injection with Autofac

First Prev Next Resolution exception amaiz Dec 4: All the containers have some pros and cons and none of them are perfect, so the choice is yours. You can also scan assemblies for registrations.

Installing through NuGet will automatically add Autofac in the References of the projects which were selected during installation. The container will normally exist for the duration of an application execution, and disposing it is a good way to free resources held by components with the same application-long life-cycle.

What you be the correct way to register a something like a WPF View UserControl which had dependencies that needed to be resolved from the container where the View could live on until the user decided to close it say by using a close button on the viewshould the View implement IDisposable?


My vote of 5 Rob Lyndon 3-Oct 8: Expression-based registrations and deterministic disposal, combined with the ‘laziness’ of component resolution, can be surprisingly handy when integrating technologies:. It should build and run without modification in VS No doubt it will become clearer when I take another look at the example here.

A component in simple terms is a.

Dependency injection with Autofac : Getting started – DotNetJalps

Thanks for you time. Add view ; That is, I’ve found in MVVM the “root” component is often better chosen to be the view autoofac than the view model. Normally, this presents some challenges. Great article, very useful and Autofaq does seem quite a good IOC container.

Of course, how you design your app is up to you. I would like to thank you for this article. Getting started with autofac Download autofac eBook. Requests from the same scope object will retrieve the same instance, while requests in different scopes will result in different instances:. The easiest way to do this is through NuGet.