VX ULTRA-VOICE®. PRO. High-performance mic preamplifier/voice processor No part of this manual may be reproduced or. Version December ULTRA-VOICE ® ENGLISH VX User’s Manual ULTRA-VOICE VX SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. The microphone preamp Behringer VX Ultra-Voice Pro is not only a high- quality preamplifier but a full voice-orientated signal processor, including.

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Not satisfied with those reviews? Often, extreme effect and filter settings are needed to make a specific signal fit into the overall sound.

Electrostatic charges might affect the operation of the unit. The automatic servo-function recognizes the presence of unbalanced connectors and adjusts the nominal level internally to avoid level differences between the input and output signals 6-dB correction. The expander allows you to remove disturbing signals in low-volume passages.

The built-in enhancer allows you to make up for this and round out the sound image by giving it new brilliance.

The frequency range processed is around 8 kHz. Use this function in a multi-microphone set-up if you detect phase cancellations in specific frequency bands. In return, we guarantee you uncompromising quality as well as excellent technical and fx2000 properties at an extremely affordable price manufactured under ISO certified management system.

If the warranty claim proves to be justified, the product will be returned to the user freight prepaid. By using it to feed my condenser mics, it works perfectly well but do not ask him more. If the reverb signal contains unwanted noise e. Over time I began to get closer still to a tolerable sound quality, but it is less obvious than separate components.


The gate can also be used to process pulse-type sounds e.

Write a user review Ask for a user review. For example, the appliance should not be situated behhringer a bed, sofa rug, or similar surface that may block the ventilation openings: A button “absence” can I quote “to reduce the portion of the voice hoarse. For the live true that c is less demanding, but a product as bad should not exist!

All user reviews for the Behringer UltraVoice VX2000

Like any other preamplifier, it connects to manal balanced microphone or line inputs on the console and with its wealth of functions it is a perfect tool for a great variety of applications. The opto de-esser allows you to easily remove interference of that kind. What made a clean get without breaking the bank. At ease everywhere, quickly set, cheap you get what you pay even a little more. Since I do affects more and I made marks on the camera because I change my settings it again cata Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

Here we have several stories that excite, opto-desseur, tube-simulation, compressor, parametric eq The cord complies with all applicable safety standards. During installation and operation the user must have sufficient electrical contact to earth.

This signal is pre-de-esser. Some models allow for inserting the fuse holder in two different positions, in order to switch over from V to V operation, and vice versa. I referrer that choice easily. I have no action at Behringer, mankal honestly, I do not see why everyone gets on their products! In this case, you should choose a higher compression setting. The more processing is applied to the signal, the brighter the LED lights up.


While recording, the gate function should behriinger be used in extreme cases, for example, to produce a special effect.

Behringer Ultra-Voice VX User`s manual |

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Once the settings to the point, the sound of your condenser mic is very clean, and all without any breath. Various plug types 14 7. The user should not attempt to service the appliance beyond that which is described in the operating instructions.

Behringer Ultra-Voice VX Manuals

In my case coupled with a Rode NT2and having assimilated the configuration of the VX, the catch proved clean, precise and clear Type mono preamp with gain voicechannel, expander, compressor, equalizer, esser and other beautiful little words “euro”.

Characteristics already detailed on the manufacturer’s website Unfortunately, it was after that things start to go wrong. As a result, you get signals of the highest quality, as there is no insertion into a mixing console which deteriorates the audio.

First, you need to identify the frequency range containing unwanted signals: No other person retail dealer, etc. I use a dynamic mic and I have to have the preamp gain fairly high so behhringer pops agree too! The lower the threshold you choose, the more compression will be applied. The only functions that I use on this unit are: