The Biography of Pedro Calungsod PEDRO CALUNGSOD was a young native of the Visayas region of the Philippines. Very little is known about him. He was. PEDRO CALUNGSOD was young native of the Visayas Region in the Philippines . Little is known about his life. Based on accounts, Pedro was. Pedro Calungsod arrived on Guam 15 June , along with Father who were outstanding models of Christian life to accompany them on.

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Learning to Love, Pray and Live in the Life in the Ladrones was hard.

St. Pedro Calungsod

Meanwhile, during that brief absence of Matapang from his hut, Padre Diego and Pedro took the chance of baptizing the infant, with the consent of the Christian mother. To give Matapang some time to cool down, Padre Diego and Pedro gathered the children and some adults of the village at the nearby pexro and started chanting with them the truths of the Catholic Faith.

An unknonw error has occurred. The inferior castes should not be given the privilege of becoming Christians. The lad skirted the darting spears with remarkable dexterity.

In Guam, Calunsgod received basic education at a Jesuit boarding school, mastering the Biograhpy and learning to communicate in Spanish. He later revealed that Pope Benedict XVI approved and signed the official promulgation decrees recognising the miracles as authentic and worthy of belief.

A month after the martyrdom of San Vitores and Calunsod, a process for beatification was initiated but only for San Vitores. Pedro Calungsod A patron for catechists Michael R. Those remains of the martyrs were never to be found again. The witnesses said that Pedro had all the chances to escape because he was very agile, but he did not want to leave Padre Diego alone.


St. Pedro Calungsod – Saints & Angels – Catholic Online

When Mata’pang learnt of his daughter’s baptism, he became even more furious. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Mata’pang took San Vitores’ crucifix and pounded it with a stone whilst blaspheming God.

July 21, VisayasBioyraphy General of the Philippines [2]. In this infographic, Rappler’s Emil Mercado illustrates the life of this 17th-century teenage saint.

St. Pedro Calungsod

David I of Scotland David, the youngest son of Scotland’s virtuous queen, Saint Margaret, succeeded his brother to the Scottish throne in Lord, I never wanted to be separated from You. View your profile page here OR Click close to continue.

In a spirit of faith, marked by strong Eucharistic and Marian devotionPedro undertook the demanding work asked of him and bravely faced the many obstacles and difficulties he met.

How well rewarded his four years of persevering service to God in the difficult Mission are: They invited Mata’pang to join them, but he shouted back that he was angry with God and was fed up with Christian teachings.

We humbly ask you to raise him to the honor of the altar, so that we may count him among our intercessors in heaven for the glory of your name. Before year ends, Nietes captures 4th world title Boxing. Hoy es fiesta de San Alfredo, rey que defendio a su pueblo de los vikingos Hoy celebramos la fiesta de las Santas Tais y Pelagia. O Dios, pinaagi sa pangama sa Mahal nga Birhen Maria, mapuangurong itugot ang Kanonisasyon ni Beato Pedro Calungsod, kung ugaling kini alang sa labaw’ng kahimayaan sa Imong Ngalan ug alang sa kaayohan sa among mga kalag.


David, the youngest son of Scotland’s virtuous queen, Saint Margaret, succeeded his brother to the Scottish throne in O God, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, graciously grant the canonization of Blessed Pedro Calungsod, if it be for the greater glory of your Name and for the good our souls.

Closing remarks before recession preceded by Cardinal Agostino Vallini. Recent interest in Calungsod prompted research that revealed that the closest modern Filipino surname to Calonsor is Calungsod, a name found in the Visayas region today, although it is usually spelled Calunsod. Very little is known about him.

Pedro Calungsod

Retrieved October 31, As is the case in most mission lands, life was difficult. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Pedro Calungsod. Catholic Online on Instagram Shared Catholic moments. He was canonized on 22 October Select gender Male Female. Filipino Cardinal Ricardo Jamin Vidal concelebrated at the canonization Mass, and of note is that amongst the seven new saints, Calungsod was the only one without a first class relic exposed for veneration since his body pedto thrown into the sea.

A priest’s strategy for confession Monday, December 22, The mission nevertheless persevered, and a significant number of locals were baptized into the faith. From his childhood, Pedro Calungsod declared himself unwaveringly for Christ and responded generously to his call.