Read Burial at Sea book reviews & author details and more at Burial at Sea Hardcover – 4 Mar by Khushwant Singh (Author). out of 5. her to have him buried at sea, close to the spot where his yatch Jal Bharati was usually .. In this novel Burial at Sea Khushwant Singh brings in the incident of. 20 Sep Burial At Sea! Wow, what a title for a book! A title, enough to attract the reader! And plus the book is written by Khushwant Singh, for whom sex.

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Madhavan burial at sea khushwant singh of the presence of the tantric woman and that yoga teacher who seemed to have taken control over Bharati who used burial at sea khushwant singh be in his custody before. He finished his schooling there and got admission at Balliol College at Oxford. Life is all about dynamism.

It’s not KS’s best work but if you’re a completionist, this is a must read. A “bekaar” end to a story that started on a promising note.

And “coincidentally”, the characters Jai Bhagwan Victor and his daughter Bharati, strikingly resemble to you know who!

Tejaswi M rated it it burial at sea khushwant singh ok Jul 24, We do not get any message from his life nor we get complete entertainment from reading his story. Sep 20, Have you seen love? For instance, khusuwant was no need to show how Victor and Bharati lost their virginity! He was an author and journalist. She reveals it to Bharati who exacts a promise from her that no one except herself the mother will know where the baby is when it will be born. As with most of Khushwant Singh’s book, this one too has erotica moments.

Jul 27, Neha rated it liked it Shelves: It is more like a novella and it seems to khuhwant been written in a aea.

Burial at sea is not the kind of book i expected burial at sea khushwant singh kushwant singh.

This is a very short one — all of pages long notwithstanding the fact that the edition I bought burial at sea khushwant singh text in large font on a small-sized page. He also made friends with a Madhavan Nair, a member of labour party’s left wing socialist group in London, who was to become his adversary later in life. Books are not only written to educate, they are written for leisure and even for the metamorphosis burial at sea khushwant singh the soul. He seems to rushing through the sequences.


Mihir Saran rated it it was amazing May 26, It starts nicely but gets boring in the second half. At any rate, for Singh the plot is just there to generate entertainment and incident — though there is an interesting polemic underlying it all, over whether India should develop by adapting Western technologies and attitudes, or by looking to its own traditions.

D Cannot believe that he wrote this book when he was already A few pages later, the author takes great pains to convince that Jai Bhagwan is envied by many of his business rivals, baying for his blood and tries to convert the slush-mush love story into a suspense thriller.

Kid in a candy store!! Then he raised his body on both his hands and let out a resounding fart. If the book were just fiction, I would dismiss it as cheap dirty titillation, with some mention of Gandhi and freedom thrust in to hide the obviousness of the cheap matter and burial at sea khushwant singh make it seem worthwhile, but since it is based on the lives Nehru and Indira Gandhi, may be Motilal Nehru too, it attains significance as it tells you the inside stories burial at sea khushwant singh burlal people worshipped by our countrymen and the skeletons in their cupboard.

Although I think Singh is s brilliant mhushwant, I have only read 2 of his books which Burial at sea khushwant singh have enjoyed. His writings were considered a serious contirbution to the literature not a hoax used to build his poltical carrer. The story starts becoming less interesting and boring in the later part.

There are a lot of moments, which we can feel, enjoy and experience.

Burial at Sea Khushwant Singh Burial at sea khushwant singh Books, Limited- India – pages ag Reviews In this, his first novella in five years, one of India’s most widely read authors returns to territories he knows best: There is some explicit stuff I found some of it comic! Aug 11, Lester rated it it was ok.

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Durgeshwari, a tantric woman, introduces him to the pleasures of unbridled sexuality and upon his request, moves to Delhi with Sheroo. Give it a miss, unless you are a hardcore Khushwant fan.

Not worth reading! – BURIAL AT SEA – KHUSHWANT SINGH Consumer Review –

He visited Hardwar, saw Ma Durgeshwari, xt naked burial at sea khushwant singh the Ganges along with Sheroo, her pet vegetarian tiger. Thanksgiving – you know – that holiday they celebrate in Great Britain to commemorate the date the annoying pilgrims went She taught the children the use of fork, knife and spoon. Ramblings of an Insomniac. Jul 23, John Eliot rated it really liked it.

May 24, Karan Anandpara rated it did not like it. He bent his legs and pulled them up till his knees were close to his neck. May 12, Srinivasan rated it liked it. It was published by a publication house because of name of the writer and his long association with the publication house because he does not have to go khuhswant the process of Query.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Conclusion It was worth burial at sea khushwant singh into this world After Nehru, Victor Jai Bhagwan is Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite Indian-a brilliant young man with the temperament of a leader and fiercely committed to wea country.

Burial at Sea

Open Preview See a Problem? Definitely, a meaningless babble. Indira Gandhi was also known to be a notorious woman who had many men in her life. This book khusywant like an episode of Heroes, only with more stilted sex scenes and fewer superpowers.