±1 LSB INL; no missing codes. – Programmable throughput up to ksps. – 8 external inputs; programmable as single-ended or differential. CF Mixed-signal 64KB Isp Flash MCU. ANALOG PERIPHERALS – SAR ADC ± 1 LSB INL Programmable Throughput to ksps to 8 External Inputs;. Silicon Labs CFTB. Explore Integrated Circuits (ICs) on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability.

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Pin Definitions Figure 4. Multiplexed and Non-multiplexed Selection External Memory Interface Figure Timer 2 Control Register Figure Configuring the Output Modes of the Port Pins Non-multiplexed Mode Figure Timer 0 Low Byte Figure Interrupt Priority Figure CIP Block C8051r020 Port2 Output Mode Register Figure Typical SMBus Configuration Priority Crossbar Decode Table Figure Full Duplex Operation Instruction Set in 1 or 2 System Clocks.


Comparator Electrical Characteristics Software Forced Reset Left Justified Differential Data Table 5. Crystal, RC, C, or Clock.

Power Management Modes Stack Pointer Figure Low-Cost, Complete Development Kit.

dwtasheet Its characteristics and specifications are subject to change without notice. Typical SPI Interconnection External Memory Timing Control Extended Interrupt Enable 1 Figure Configuring the Output Modes of the Port Pins Product Selection Guide Figure 1. ADC Modes of Operation Programmable Throughput up to ksps.

External Oscillator Control Register Comparator0 Control Register Figure Tracking Modes Figure 7. Comparator and DAC Diagram 2.

External RC Example Memory Mode Selection Figure Special Function Registers Table Typical Master Receiver Sequence Temperature Sensor Transfer Function 6. Multiplexed Configuration Example Instruction and CPU Timing Stop Mode Figure Data-Dependent Windowed Interrupt Generator. Programmable Counter Array Figure 1.

Clock Control Register Split Mode without Bank Select Missing Clock Detector Reset Ports 0 through 3 and the Priority Crossbar Decoder Status Register Figure Port6 Data Register Figure