Ritual of Secret Work of the Order of DeMolay [The International Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . DeMolay, but not be overwhelmed with the large age differences and ritual work . Junior Squire moves directly to the Round Table and places the book in the. Find the text of all the open ceremonies approved by the International Supreme Council to be performed by DeMolay Chapters around the world.

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But let me urge upon you this thought: I place in the Crown of Youth the jewel of courtesy. Brother Junior Deacon, inform the Sentinel that this Chapter is closed.

What is the Order of DeMolay?

But we do earnestly enjoin upon you the sacredness of faith, the beauty of a humble demolay ritual book on the goodness of God. No man, young or old, can enjoy a higher honor than demolay ritual book be valued as a friend and trusted as a Brother.

Chapter, Order of DeMolay. It is strongly urged that the pledge be followed immediately with the singing of the national anthem or another appropriate patriotic song. Deacons and Stewards see that each candidate kisses the Holy Bible.

To be vouched for by one as worthy of comradeship. I place in the Crown of Youth the jewel of cleanness — cleanness in thought, word and demolay ritual book. It has been rtual by poets and prophets, teachers and philosophers, demolay ritual book since God Himself wrote on the tablets of stone the command: Where is the station of the Sentinel? Brother Junior Deacon, what is your duty?

Brother Deacons, you will approach the East. As the light from these candles permeates this Chapter room, let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father Who is in heaven.


An Demolay ritual book di r ected to demolay ritual book X Z moves directly forward from his station to the walking band, except: A gavel should be on the pedes t al at the stations of the Master Councilor and Senior Councilor.

Mar pauses after each question to give candidates opportunity to reply. The Officers will demolay ritual book their stations and this Chapter will come to order. If, after fuller explanation of our purposes, you still desire to unite with us, we shall be happy to greet you in the closer circle of our comradeship.

I will now instruct you in the secrets demolay ritual book our Order which are few in number, but which you have just sworn you will not disclose outside demolay ritual book Chapter. Some Chapters may find it necessary to place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Preceptors on the South side of the room and 4th, 5th, 6th arid 7th on the North side. Help us to be good sons, loyal comrades, junior citizens of our great country, and worthy of the commendation of all good men. Remaining Officers leave Triangle and go to stations.

Ritual Degrees and Ceremonials of the Order of Demolay – Google Books

I place in the Crown of Youth the jewel of reverence demolay ritual book sacred things. Then I will conduct you to the Master Councilor who will instruct you more fully in the purposes of our Order. Multiple lines of candidates may be used.

I open the Holy Bible on our Altar as a symbol of the religious liberty we enjoy and to remind us of the never-ceasing love of our Heavenly Father. Another suggested demolay ritual book is placing the Crown of Youth on a pedestal near the altar and having each desig n ated preceptor present his part within the candles.



At demolay ritual book outer door. Some rituals -a very few ones- are provided in a ritaul without boook Words and Signs Online Payment Freemason Collection has chosen Paypal for bits secure on line payments.

In the presence of God and these witnesses, I solemnly affirm on my honor, that I will never divulge, the transactions of any Chapter, ritua demolay ritual book Order of DeMolay, or the Ceremonies of the Order, to anyone not entitled thereto; that I will encourage the fidelity, of every member of the Order of DeMolay, by faithful observance of demolay ritual book pledge.

He addresses candidates so that he may be heard distinctly by them and by all in the Chapter room. Lights should be extinguished, leaving only candles burning and Altar spot, if any, on full Officers except Stewards begin moving to form Shield as shown on Diagrams Seven and Eight.

Where is the station of the Junior Councilor? An Active DeMolay kneels on his left knee, his right elbow resting on his right knee, his forehead resting in his right demolay ritual book as shown, his left hand around his right elbow. It is permissible for the M.

All Chapters are encouraged to work toward the complete ritual.