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Thanks so much Lisa B. I am not affiliated with DNL in any way. My mom and dad have been married almost 24 years and she proposed to him and they bought her ring together…. They are sparkly just like the Mia earrings, and you can get them in a range of carat weights. I got the ring and the center stone was loose and one of the accent stones gone. They have the worst customer service and 3 diamonds fell out within 2 weeks of getting the ring.

My question is FB, in January of you mentioned you had worn it for 3 years and it still looked great. We did incorporate in our home state, but many companies do not, and this is not in and of itself a sign of anything untoward. When I wore the ring prior to loosing the real diamond I received compliments constantly. Never heard of that but…just saying…beware if u are looking to keep this ring long term.


dremabook A few weeks ago, I bought my wife a great looking antique ring from DNL for her birthday called the Lyonette. I am very excited to see what will come of this decision I made.

Diamond Nexus – A Customer’s Perspective – Frugal Babe

This is perfect if you have something in mind, but want a different stone or something different. Also, if your stond ever came off accidently, DNL will replace it for dreamboook. I think someone in the above comments said something about using heat in setting a stone. I wore my 1. I hope to come back here and have good news about DNL and give a happy recomendation.

Take advantage of that……no one can guarentee this…. One engagement over 4 carats and a wedding band 2. We just received it back today and it is diamohd incredible. My husband wanted to upgrade my ring to a real diamond ring. My wife cleans it with dish soap and a toothbrush occasionally and get it professionally cleaned when she visits home.

Diamond Nexus – A Customer’s Perspective

Mined diamonds have no intrinsic value other than their usefulness in industry. Many people comment on that page daily and DNL answers back to almost everyone.

How cool is that!!! We picked up the mounted stone at the jeweler and it looked beautiful. I do, however, want to share another observation.

  ASTM D4289 PDF

I will give DNL a try and see how they are. Their stones are absolutely gorgeous to the naked eye.

For the DNL information cited, see: I have been wearing my DNL ring for nearly two years. I live in south Georgia, near Savannah. As they say, the proof is in the pudding… For the DNL information cited, see: We stopped buying real diamonds when we started buying DNL products. Or say to hell with the whole diamond thing and get really cool bands. I knew that DNL claimed no responsibility if they did not set the stone, but I trusted the jeweler and assumed that if the stone was as good as they stated it was, there would be no problem.

I often wonder if the people who buy the 3 and 4 ct rings and pendants from DNL attract more attention than they want! To address a few of the posts above: I look forward to owning a few more pieces from this company and saving a ton of money. We have absolutely no affiliation with DNL, but we would recommend them. We are talking about business people here, and probably ones that had guidance.