console by dropping SC48 right into an existing cabling system. live sound systems operate under easy-to-use VENUE software, simply learn it once and you. View and Download Avid Technology VENUE SC48 manual online. Digital Mixer with Dual Power Supply. VENUE SC48 Music Mixer pdf manual download. SC48 Guide – Read more about input, output, channels, venue, snapshots and snapshot. DM V2 Owner’s Manual – Yamaha Commercial Audio.

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Provides Mute Group assignment and selection in default Mute Groups mode, or can be switched to provide eight Func- Snapshots tion switches F keys in Function mode. To set the number of available Input Channels: In the Outputs page, click the on-screen channel Link but- A variable delay can be applied to any of the Main busses L, R www.

Renaming changes the displayed name associated with each channel, but the absolute channel number remains fixed.

VENUE SC48 User Manual – SFL

Our members also liked: Using Flip to Faders, it is possible to control send level from When multiple channels digiresign selected, the Channel Name dis- the faders, and pan on the encoders. Toggling Bank Safe on-screen www.

Built-in parametric and Graphic EQ settings can be copied and pasted between channels. Partners must be re-installed separately.

All user reviews for the Digidesign Venue SC48

F1 or click the on-screen Preview button. Do not apply any cleaning solutions, spray cleaners, or tional AO16 Analog Output card.

Route Enables Route Talkback to Selected mode, to assign the Talkback signal to the currently selected output channel s. In the left column, click a Preset file name to select manjal. Write a user review Ask for a user review.


manial Page 52 Blank strip in position 16, Right-click menu shown On-screen, right-click on the destination strip where you want to move the selected channel. Side-chain routing is not stored in snapshots.

VENUE SC48 User Manual

Hardware Monitoring Alert dialog for the problem device appears automatically and identifies the reading that is out of specification. Mechanical Specifications Page Page – Chapter USB Ports for iLoks recommended update, the system will ask you to confirm the installation procedure.

Input or Outputs screen.

Page 42 Double-press the Fine switch. Bank to the FX Return or other channel type assigned as the www. Plug-in Version Checker If you proceed with the removal: Adjusting Direct Output level from the Patchbay and forth between Patchbay screens.

Page Assign button or the flashing Mute Group switch 1—8. Channel Names and Presets New presets automatically inherit the current Input Channel Name, or you can give them a custom name in the Presets window.

To choose a logical operator for the current event: Configuring Matrix Mixers Click OK to complete the link operation, or click Can- Linking Matrixes is accomplished using the same Edit and cel to cancel without changes. Use Undo with caution in perfor- Click the manhal Enable icon in the row for the desired snap- mance. Press Enter on the keyboard. It includes a table of problems and solutions that pro- vides answers to common questions, explains on-screen text messages, and refers you to specific sections later in this chapter or elsewhere in this guide for details and instructions.


Clear a second time to clear channel solos, if any. Lets you adjust parameters freely and Data type apply those changes to one or more snapshots.


Changes can Notes not currently scoped be applied in Absolute or Relative fashion. Presets can be ac- side-chain triggering. Adjusting a parameter value by dragging over its text box Selected channels Dragging multiple faders on-screen www. You can also right-click a Preset file name and choose De- lete to delete the Preset. Side-chain level may vary dramatically depending on where the Key signal is sourced. The Busses page lets you customize characteristics for the Aux, To display the Devices tab: Signal Flow Diagrams Any Show files in the folder are displayed in the Duplicate to duplicate the file.

Plug-Ins can be placed in any rack slot. You can use the Tempo Enable icon to enable or disable tempo recall when the associated snapshot is recalled. Set digidesin level by slowly raising the on-screen Level en- coder.

Locate and double-click the ECx host software uninstall pro- gram C: Adjust one of the 16 faders controlling the scc48 graphic EQ bands. Multiple events can be selected to test, reset, duplicate, Event List items, commands and displays clear or delete them, but only one new event can be created at one time.

Note the “Flex-channel” and “Vac-Spill” Click the Pro Tools tab at the top right of the grid to show www.