I am able to make an image of the NSView. try data?.write(to: exportedFileURL ); }; }catch{; NSLog(“error exporting image”); }; }; }; }; }. You typically don’t use NSView objects directly. Instead, you use objects whose classes descend from NSView or you subclass NSView yourself and override its . Explains how Cocoa menus and lists work and how to manipulate items within them.

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You arrange one or more views inside an NSWindow object, which acts as a wrapper for your content. First create a TIFF representation of your view: It works, but how do I make it save the file? After you complete any of these procedures, the Application Kit displays the contextual menu whenever the user left-Control-clicks or right-clicks the view.

Initiates a dragging operation from the view, allowing the user to drag one or more promised files or directories into any application that has window or view objects that accept promised file data.

NSView – AppKit | Apple Developer Documentation

The print operation is then run to finish the process. This one line of code will save you numerous headaches later on.

The second method is not too much harder than the first to write, but it’s not nearly as intuitive. NSEvent Informs the client that the user has pressed the mouse button while the cursor is in the ruler area of a Ruler View. Randomly changes the frame of a view with an ambiguous layout between the different valid values. Unsafe Mutable Raw Pointer? The Core Animation layer that the view uses as its backing store.


CGFloat Overridden by subclasses to adjust page width during automatic pagination. Converts the corners of a specified rectangle to lie on the center of device pixels, which is useful in compensating for rendering wxport when the coordinate system has been scaled. The second one exporg my last report, but the crash is elsewhere. Bool A Boolean value indicating whether the view can pass mouse down events through to its superviews.

Please try submitting your feedback later. Bool A Boolean value indicating whether the view uses a flipped coordinate system.

Subclassing NSView is such a common and important procedure that several technical documents tk how to both draw in custom subclasses and respond to events in custom subclasses. Bool A Boolean value that determines whether the view needs to be redrawn before being displayed.

Informs the client view that a Ruler View is about to be appropriated by new Client. Justin 1, 2 22 Post as a guest Name. Priority Returns the priority with which a view resists being made smaller than its intrinsic size.

Measuring in Auto Layout. Pasteboard Type] The array of pasteboard drag types that the view can accept.

Mac OS X Swift – resize image from NSView to disk

These constants specify the location of the layer content when the content is not rerendered in response to view resizing. Examining Coordinate System Modifications. If you need to customize the NSSavePanel, look into accessory views: How can I make it save my view as a.


Register a new account. See Also View Fundamentals.

Catalin 1, 2 19 The idea came from this this website. Tracking Rect Tag This type describes the rectangle used to track the mouse. Writes EPS data that draws the region of the view within a specified rectangle onto a pasteboard. A mechanism for displaying nsviwe or images in a view object without the overhead of a full NSView subclass. Tto on September 16, If you are trying to programmatically display a menu, you might not want those items to appear.

A Boolean value indicating whether the view posts notifications when its frame rectangle changes. Displays the view but confines drawing to a specified region and does not back up to the first opaque ancestor—it simply causes the view and its descendants to execute their drawing code.

The applications do not have to be running for their items to appear. Exoprt Boolean value indicating whether the view is being rendered as part of a live resizing operation.