(free plans). Spies,Victory, SuperTrino. ( bytes) ( bytes) ( . What is F3P and F3P-AM? F3P is the indoor equivalent of F3A precision aerobatics (pattern) where a fixed wing aircraft flies through a set of prescribed. Oct 13, This link from has MANY f3p plans available and quite a lot of them have build thread with many people having tested the plane.

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Originally Posted by rcpilot They’re still based on Palns outlines. I wanted a plane I could fly outside and this fit the bill. Share your Builds tofx5 will surely like to see what you have build from his plans Logged in members see more content and use all the features.

Oct 11, I was very happy with the original Index but I much prefer the flying fp3 of the Index 2. You can share your builds at our Forum under the Build Logs section. I hope the single sheet will do Pat MacKenzie. You should add the german Liptonic V2 and V3 designs.

It contains mostly plans of jets but there is a hydro plane as well, and some freaky stuff like an Plas D: Aug 20, Aug 01, I’m poans to learn whether many people are building from these plans and what they think of them. Originally Posted by rcpilot82 Thanks for the link.


Upload a Plan Please login first. Oct 25, I’ve neglected this thread a little over the last few months. To remove a keyword just delete it from the search field, please remove it entirely or the search results will not pplans so good. Thread starter ananas Start date Oct 13, The intention is to keep all the content in the first few posts so you don’t have to trawl through a huge thread to find what you’re looking for.

Have a great season!

Another series inspired funjet, I found this very cool and easy to build, so even if you have already placed other plants such I decided to publish this as well. Index 2 added I’ve added a link and picture for the Index 2.

Louis Joined Jul 2, Posts. See all the site content, full home page, related plans Most likely to be foamies as well This link from rcgroups. Added the Wizard V4. Span is abot 84cm and lenght is about 95cm. Doing a tiled PDF is possible, but a bit of a pain! Sheet size is 40″x48″ So here are just a first few plabs them, I know there are a lot more, but I thought, this are kind of the most important ones for planes of small size.


This plant is to be built with palns Share your Builds tofx5 will surely like planz see what you have build from his plans Logged in members see more content and use all the features. Remember Me Forgot Password?

New foamy plans! – FlyingGiants

I’ve come across that Parkjets link before. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Nice plans, Thank you Gary Fuller. Download and Upload from and to all Plans Categories. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Thanks to everyone who’s already contributed. Last edited by Azarr; at Mar 14, What software did you use to read the DXF? A friend of mine is doing his Plana.

No Subcategories 12 Files. Make money from own plans and accept donations. Yes, here comes non tiled verion on this three planes!

Links for loads of PDF Plans

It might also be interesting to use this forum to suggest or report on modifications to designs. Just ShootMe Registered User. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.