Both the FOCCUS Pre-Marriage Inventory and the REFOCCUS Marriage Enrichment Inventory provide couples the opportunity for deeper conversation and. 1 Aug “A friend told me she and her fiancĂ©e had to take something called a FOCCUS Inventory as they prepared for marriage. What is this and what is. Readiness for marriage cannot be scientifically measured, but an inventory helps FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding, and.

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We want you to have a healthy, happy and permanent relationship. I did it in about minutes, FI did his in about He also went over every question we didn’t agree on to find out why.

While FOCCUS is not a test and is not used to label couples or predict marital outcome, the report is used by the Facilitator couple to help couples celebrate their relationship strengths and talk to each other about topics warranting further attention.

The FOCCUS is not a test, but rather an inventory to assess patterns and strengths in your focucs as well as areas that need attention.

Premarital Inventories – For Your Marriage

There are certain behaviors or habits in my future spouse that sometimes annoy me. Marital Sexuality The two purposes of marital sexuality: Meaning and Purpose Marriage is free, total, faithful, and fruitful. Encouragement and Enrichment Good marriages can always be made better! No harm in saying it again. What gets in the way of thi A Catholic marriage is more than a contract, it is a sacrament.


We did it during the last part of our first marriage prep class. FI and I were both graduate students at the time, and Father made a joke about us being professional test takers and good at filling in bubbles.

FOCCUS Inventory – How long does it take?

Going over it takes much longer. The Questions Before Consent The complete text of this solemn moment.

It makes sense because when our priest got the answers and we had our FOCCUS follow up meeting with him, we had a lot of the same answers and he was impressed. When I took it, H and I had to send our responses off to be scored, and then we went over it with our sponsor couple.

Foccus Inc. USA

To Trust Again Inventory Remarriage You will hash it all out when it’s scored. So maybe we were a little speedy. Reasons not to Marry Marriage is a big decision, be sure you’re doing it for the right I’ve heard a half hour up to two hours. But I can’t imagine it taking more than an hour and a half, unless your priest has a bunch of other things planned for the meeting.


Premarital Inventories

Planning a Catholic Wedding. We do not share our email database with any marketers or third inventoyr. USCCB assumes no responsibility for these websites, their content, or their sponsoring organizations.

Step back and consid Four Simple Steps Want to grow spiritually with your spouse?

Home My Account Shopping Cart. So I don’t know We have discussed the expectations each of us has as to our role as husband and wife.

Maybe you can ask if it can be done that way for you? Go with what you know is the honest answer and leave it at that. A D U 27 My future spouse and I have discussed our sacramental marriage commitment to each other under all circumstances.