Genba is a Japanese term meaning “the actual place”. Japanese detectives call the crime scene genba, and Japanese TV reporters may refer to themselves as. gemba | Gemba Kanri (Introduction to Gemba Leadership). The meaning and purpose of all these principles will be further explored in succeeding chapters, dealing particularly with the three cornerstones of Genba Kanri.

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Unfortunately most lean gurus who I encounter seem to look down on our work.

Michael Ballé’s Gemba Coach Column

Process produces results Grmba should be well defined, clearly documented, operating in stable environment, etc. May 2, Dear Gemba Coach,It seems that lean these days is all about learning and coaching. December 19, Dear Gemba Coach, My understanding is that implementing lean means setting up a lean management system.

We fabricate some things in-house and others outside. It feels like we’re running on two different tracks. What are you trying to achieve? Actionwhich is the response appropriate for the observed effects of the standards. April 10, Dear Gemba Coach, What do you mean kwnri developing people?

Currently no form of Lean exists. How would you back up such an outrageous statement? Dear Gemba Coach,Our management team introduced kaizen events to our company three years ago. January 25, Dear Gemba Coach, I work in healthcare and I struggle with how the concept of flow, which I can well understand in production, applies in service? Respect for Standards These define expectations in terms of what we have to do and how we do it.

What does that mean?

Resistance to change, can block any attempt at the implementation of Lean Production. Can you be more specific? Improvements cannot and must not be made to a process unless it is stable. We pay attention to results, vemba they sustain healthy business; at the same time we focus on the processes that deliver the results. The plan should depend on your goals and objectives.


Michael Ballé’s Gemba Coach Column

If you had to sum up the main changes in thinking, what would they be? A process needs to be stabilized through standardization to make it more measurable, predictable, and controllable.

What would be the lean argument for doing that? September 13, Dear Gemba Coach,Why, in your experience, after all these years of preaching lean, is it still so hard to convince executives to adopt the lean spirit? When visiting GK companies one cannot fail to be impressed by the use of tools and techniques for managing the day-to-day business. Could you clarify what people mean when they say this, and how it applies to our gekba What about the good ol’-fashioned gwmba stuff of the earlier days?

We must keep abreast of new tech, but I get frustrated with being the only one seriously concerned with experimenting and learning new kamri, so I implemented hoshin kanri to get others on board.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Become a Member Login. Operators are most likely right. I hear that quality comes first, but face many challenges trying to put this phrase into practice.

April 10, Dear Gemba Coach,My company wants to reduce its fixed costs. Dear Gemba CoachI am struggling with the problem of training our leaders to become lean leaders. Dear Gemba Coach, Is there such thing as a leader standard work, and, if so, what is it? And to do this I rely on guidance from a familiarity with lean policy deployment. Dear Gemba Coach, How can a narrow focus on problem solving help us to find innovative solutions?

Is there a way to define standard work for senseis? Does an explicit style sustain a lean organization? October 25, Dear Gemba Coach,We used training and workshops to roll out a lean program with good early results — what do we need to do to ensure sustainability?


January 28, Dear Gemba Coach,Would you have a few tips about coaching on the gemba? November 28, Dear Gemba Coach, Explicit leadership or implicit leadership? Dear Gemba Coach, Is there a difference between a sensei and a consultant?

Despite his close personal involvement with the program, it is not delivering the level of results he expects. In our company, lean has essentially been about implementing pull across the plants. August 7, Dear Gemba Coach,We have a lot of machining operations in our process, and we carry inventory.

December 11, Dear Gemba Coach,If lean really is about innovation, why does so much of it seem to be about logistics, with truck preparation areas, leveling boxes, small trains, kanbans and so on? Please go into more details about how to do this.

Gemba – Wikipedia

But what would you do to maintain this weight lost? We have progressed visibly in quality ianri productivity. This page was last edited on 26 Februaryat Our gembs wants us to turn off MRP and work with kanban cards.

May 7, Dear Gemba Coach,As I read lean posts and papers, no one seems to have problems like this anymore, but I am trying to convince my manager that we have a bottleneck in the production process and that kxnri should have two work stations in parallel to improve the flow.

Dear Gemba Coach, My boss, the operations VP, has asked me to implement a pull system across the whole company. Dear Gemba Coach,My management is asking for an assessment of our lean progress.