Editorial Reviews. Review. “Honor Student is a fast paced erotica based on an unlikely couple Honor Student (Honor Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by Teresa Mummert. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Honor Series (4 Book Series) by Teresa Mummert. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: Emma lives a very self-destructive life, barely making her way. The Honor book series by Teresa Mummert includes books Honor Student, Honor Thy Teacher, Honor and Obey, and several more. See the complete Honor .

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Emma was spineless and boring. Can’t wait to read their developing love story through William’s POV.

Fans of the novel cannot wait for the next book to answer all the questions that this one popped up. William loves control and Emma gives him exactly what he needs.

After reading this book I found myself thinking that if I had a sexy college professor like William Honor I might have finished college and gotten my degree but my punctuality would have plummeted. And, the day before he hooked up with Emma he had been screwing the school secretary and Emma saw them together.

Shameless Shame On You Book 1. Honor, her new history teacher whose idea of discipline may be a little too much for Emma to handle. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. I have to know!!!! Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Honor Series by Teresa Mummert

honnor And then there were heroes. How did he know Emma wouldn’t report him? Emma is supposed to be in college but there were bells announcing classes were over. I felt the relationship developed way too fast.

Honor Series

It’s more like “Stats” “Yoga” ect. There’s not just a set office to go into and talk to people. The fact that a writer would make constant use of word sentences and sentence fragments left me feeling like I was in a car with a student terexa too long with all of the stopping and starting.


But William Honorher substitute History teacher steps in at the right time and pulls her out of her misry business. She left him after he thought she could be pregnant and that’s how he realized he couldn’t ever be without her! Take it away VanDermemes! William doesn’t let anyone get too close to him and Emma cant help herselfshe’s falling in love with this guy and she’s not too sure as to whats going on in his mind. Her world is turned upside down after meeting Mr.

They were only sixteen years old when they began dating, and were married at the age of eighteen.

There was nothing special about her, something to make me sympathize with her. I enjoyed this book, but did struggle at times with some thing that confused me Overall it was an OK book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

They play a lovely game of cat and mouse teasing each other at the club Honor’s POV in the next book. But that is where the similarities end, I think.

I wish the author described more in depth of their feelings, their separate situation, why William turned to BDSM to fulfill his sexual needs after Abby left him, why Emma’s aunt is so distant and cold towards her, what exactly happened to Emma’s parents, why would Emma take everything William dished out without blinking an eye if she’s so innocent. Honor seems so hot yet we soon learn that he is controlling and likes to order Emma around with menacing texts and rapid commands of NOW!!!

There was a horrible accident and a loved one was lost, now the terrsa has to become the teacher. End of the story as far as the female protagonist goes. They have been “dating” for about 3 days and half that time William is ignoring Emma, or he’s glaring tteresa her, or he’s yelling at her, or he’s telling her to stay away from him, but then he tells her he loves her more than seriies – 3 days.


While I can’t say if the spelling and grammar errors were feresa to the ebook copy I’d gotten, the sentences on their own were bad enough to make me unable to get through most of it. Class Names and activities Gym, History, Math? Cue throwing her across the table and demanding a bed or here and now. The writing style was i think lacking, i wonder if this is one of her first books and she will get better in time. What was she a high schooler?

It was quit or …. Honor, gave it up, graduated, went on vacation with him, met his parents, and committed way too fast.

Some feel like they believed they knew William, but they were way wrong terexa learning about; something they enjoyed doing while reading this book. Product details File Size: The Office and Signing In Though Emma makes a point to say “I’m an adult, this isn’t high school you don’t need to sign me in” it still fell right back into someone going in to set things up for her.

She sensed his darkness, but the attraction was too strong and love followed soon! It allows you to see the inner workings of the publishing business, and why things move mummfrt way they do. Lists with This Book. Self preservation I guess. Read the book to find out. But the more I read the more I terrsa this story. Anyone who seemed strange? Any authors or characters we’re missing that we should add?