ITU-R P.530-13 PDF

P Draft revision of Recommendation ITU-R P – Propagation data and prediction methods required for the design of terrestrial. ITU-R WP3M Contribution Title: On the development of Recommendation ITU-R P – Prediction of autage intensity for digital line-of-sight systems. ITU-R P 4. 1. 0. – B. D. Ad. – 1. 0. 1. – – GHz 2. % ke.. (dB) h/F1. B.: D.: GHz 6,5. 4/3 = ke. Ad.: (2) h.

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Link Calculation » ALCOMA

This method gains in importance even in North America and in Japan, due to its regular updates. The horizontal path reduction factor previously obtained from terrestrial measurements is kept, what ensures consistence between the slant path and terrestrial links cases. Download free trial mlinkplanner is allinone software for microwave point to point link planning.

The radio signature is useful to quantify the impact of selective fading in broadband systems. The raindrops behave as dissipative dielectric media itur the incident wave. It is usually found that, to correct the underestimation simply by refitting the method against the larger database of experimental data now available, it would be necessary to allow for effective path lengths longer than the actual path length.

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Selective outage probability as function of radio signature parameters. For space Pw frequency and space diversity 2 receivers vs.


This section also provides comparison between some experimental measurements and the predicted values. In the slant path prediction method, given in Rec. There is a huge dispersion of the distribution of fading from month to month. How to cite this article.

Itu r p 530 13 pdf file

International Journal of Satellite Communications, Int. The attenuation by hydrometeors is speci? Attenuation Due to Precipitation Rain attenuation is the major propagation impairment for systems operating at frequencies above 10 GHz. All other methods make use of cumulative distributions of rainfall rate measured at a point as input to predict the attenuation. To evaluate the effect of this model on the system performance, the pdf of this flat fading model has been derived and used in the monte carlo simulation.

Test results indicate that the proposed method provides a large improvement over the one currently recommended by the ITU-R for prediction of rain attenuation in terrestrial links.

Link Calculation

For the slant path case, the data used to test the prediction methods includes concurrent measurements of rainfall rate and rain attenuation in received satellite beacon signals, also available in the ITU-R databank [34], comprising a total of year-stations from 68 sites in 24 countries.

The basic assumption in the method is that an equivalent cell of uniform rainfall rate and length d 0randomly positioned in the great circle plane, can represent the effect p.30-13 the non-uniform rainfall along the propagation path. The behavior of d eff with R, for different values of d, is shown in Fig. A parametric study made on the latest revision P. A modified method has been proposed [33] that addresses some of the problems found in the current ITU-R method but retains the ity-r expression for d effwhich is the basis of the model, and uses the full rainfall rate distribution at the links region as input for the prediction of the cumulative distribution of rain attenuation.

From 12 to 13, there is a radical change in the expression of the geoclimatic K factor and the worst month probability of unavailability.

This value is usually speci? However, applying the diversity techniques in particular space diversity e? Transmission analysis of a single hop for microwave link. A new rain attenuation conversion technique for tropical regions. The itur recommendations related to the calculation of rain attenuation on fixed links have been revised lately, and the revision of itur recommendation p. The accessible functions allow the computation of the following values.


Losses due to gases are accounted for as per the itu recommendation i. It was found that rp decreases with the path length and the point rainfall rate, as depicted in Figs. To obtain a more general prediction method that includes the slant path case but is still consistent with the terrestrial case, the rain attenuation cumulative probability distribution can be calculated by.

Pathloss version 5 the program is intended for experienced telecommunications network designers and a knowledge of radio wave propagation is a prerequisite to using this program.

Finally, two year measurements data of? Trace of the wimax signal as a function of the frequency. K factor as function of dN1 P. A correction factor r p was calculated not only for 0. Additionally, there must be verifiable information about.

The terrestrial prediction method, given in Rec. Some attempts to modify the ITU-R method and improve its accuracy have recently been made [29], [30], [31], [32]. Cellular expert profile module features tasks features diffraction pointtopoint analysis free space path loss.

In this time percentage range, the China’s method provides slightly better results than the other methods. Some methods derive the statistical profile of rain along the path assuming a single cell of suitable shape [19], or a statistical distribution of sizes for cells of a particular shape [20], [21], [22].

Also, the slant path and terrestrial prediction methods are not consistent, as different expressions for the horizontal path reduction factor are used in each case. The scattering is associated with modifications of wave propagation directions to satisfy boundary conditions at the raindrops surfaces. The behavior of R effT with R for different values of d is shown in Fig.

Oguchi, “Scattering properties of Pruppacher-and-Pitter form raindrops and cross-polarization due to rain: