By Dr. J.J. Hurtak, PhD. PhD. A page color illustrated book now available in limited edition. The Keys of Enoch® contain spiritual-scientific teaching from two . The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®. By Dr. J.J. Hurtak, PhD. PhD. A page color illustrated book now available in limited edition. The Keys of. He is author of twenty books, his best-seller is The Keys of Enoch®. Among In the capacity of an international consultant Dr. J.J. Hurtak has been featured in.

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Within the context of understanding collapsing geometries utilizing a black hole metaphor: Its members have been responsible for the updating of the medical curriculum at universities in South Africa and the monitoring of critical environmental areas in Brazil. Traitz apparently recognizes by mentioning that the Academy of Future Sciences website fields questions concerning such issues. The word ‘dark,’ relative to dark energy and dark matter, is not to be associated with dark or darkness in the biblical sense.

Laser Remote Sensing by Dr.

Hurtak with the CIA. Its work has been represented at the Parliament of the World’s Religions ,The Millennium Peace Summit ofWorld Religious Leadersand at many university conferences on the dialogue of science and religion.

Let us not do that same thing years later and overlook the pluralistic pictures throughout the book depicting a higher lever of spiritual integration by self-realized people representing all branches of the human race. Hurtak off the hook, as it were, in the event that true biographical material might come to light resolving this issue.

Matthews misconstrues the spirit and meaning of Dr. A close look at the Book of Knowledge reveals what one might call the circular edge of closure, when right and left wing interests are joined in the fervor of premillennial promises of perfected genetic evolution, the end of history and the conquering of ones stated enemies.

I am merely reporting the matter as it seems to be. Many thoughtful Latter Day Saints are able to acknowledge that context while yet affirming the revelatory nature of the receiving of the Book of Mormon itself.


The Children of Darkness cling to the cube in Mecca keyx order to keep the Children of Light from discovering the symbolique of redemption hidden in the Kaaba. It was a gift to be able to sit quietly next to him and feel the energy of his understanding. Not only does Ms. PO BoxAva, Mo If one reviewed the work on Dr. My summarized interpretation, which Mr.

The difference is that Mr. CESNUR reproduces or quotes documents from the media enoxh different sources on a number of religious issues. Hurtak given the relative paucity of biographical information about the man.

Soon his students discovered he was not only a renowned scholar, but a Zen Buddhist monk as well. They’ve both been on the show twice in the past 10 months. In while at the University of California, Hurtak came to understand that there was a connection between the series of linguistic and genetic associations in the spelling of God’s name in the biblical Hebrew YHVH.

Yet, abolitionists were able to pull out of these texts what they needed to provide a fully religious interpretation of their political position.

The Observor: WHO is J. J. HurtakReally?

We were unable to kets any verification for The Voice of Africa in keus context. It is interesting to enocb that Mr. He smiled, as he smiled often, a smile of great compassion and loving-kindness for all the world. The Foundation itself is now known to have been largely funded by the Pentagon as a front for its medical and parapsychological research.

The stone inside the Kaaba, it is said holds and traps the accumulated and unredeemed sins of humanity inside the cube as Muslims, guided by extraterrestrial forces from alpha Draconis, are vampirically infected by the resulting energies of degeneration, vengeance and anti-evolution. Hurtak wants ieys come forward with a definite public statement about the matter, then let him do so.

Academic credentials do not shield individuals from scrutiny, and surely Dr. Hurtak has alleged CIA connections. The illustration itself is of a compound constellation that has had several names, including Corvis and the Hydra and the Crow. View my complete profile. Another picture in the Book of Knowledge entitled Plate 7 for Key shows a Mosque side by side an Ashram within a futuristic religious community showing a deep pluralism and unity of the Abrahamic religions with those also of the Eastern tradition.


Here is a link with a brief overview of his life in which you will find no reference to Hurtak. Unless hurgak indicated, the opinions expressed are those of the document’s author snot of CESNUR or its directors. If you have a look at their website, you will read this:.

Hurtak well knows, having written two dissertations himself, neither of them, incidentally, in encoh field of astrophysics. Hurtak January 4, As a lawyer who has worked with Dr.

One sees this in the interpretation of religious texts all the time. Still, these elect will belong to an advanced vanguard of humanity. Then, I will discuss how Hurtak’s process of revelation subsumes and elides the actual sequence of events as recorded by news agencies.

For Hurtak, this clinging to the cube that the Kaaba represents is, in fact, evidence of a dangerous tendency toward retrogression, rigidity, entropy and a need to tyrannically control. He – together with the infamous Dr Sidney Gottlieb – experimented with a variety of techniques to change or induce actual thought processes The very way that Mecca is mentioned clearly reflects that enochh is an astrophysical mirror for heavenly events.

Here you can find out about their members. Traitz contends that Key and Key indicate that Muslims are to be included in the children of light. The Keys, thus, carry and display a message of openness to all major religious traditions, ieys all people of the world who join hands on planet Earth.

More importantly, in Key we see children of the world of all different backgrounds.