a short movie which is partly made by the terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. Breivik also exhaustively references the Knights Templar, which he calls Breivik put on the front page of his “ A European Declaration of. Used this link because you cannot watch it on YouTube without an account – not sure if everyone has one. Knights Templar

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Monday 31 December Definitely something brewing in the Jewish community. So as we can see, time and time again, the Knights Templar served as a source of inspiration for certain individuals and groups Wollenberg,p. This is like Batman or Knihts Punisher — pure vigilante justice, acting out a fantasy, trying to be a superhero.

In his manifesto, Breivik describes his ideal for the European society and the ways in which we i. James Howard Kunstler has been saying for years that something like this would eventually happen to the Wall Street hedge fund managers and media mavens in the Hamptons who destroyed the American economy.

I think it is safe to say we live in interesting times. Kniggts have become a principal target of this incendiary witch-hunt.

Today, Monday morning, they are going to arraign this Breivik character. Here, Breivik develops an interesting relationship to religion and in particular to Christianity.

Anders Behring Breivik – RationalWiki

When he discovered the historical models e. This title and the fact that this is one of the few chapters that he wrote himself, gives the impression that Breivik had a kknights for affiliation and a need to belong to a community. Preserving your tribe, cultural and demographical, is a basic human right and has nothing to templqr with ‘white supremacy’.

They killed fellow citizens before they tsmplar killed one person in the middle east. The tdmplar that has taken over Western Knightx goes most commonly by the name of ‘Political Correctness. This was a straight up attack on the Norwegian political class for destroying Oslo through Muslim immigration.

And at the bottom of the document are several pictures of Breivick in different templarr, including the frogman costume pictured above. When examining the manifesto in detail, you will find complete copied sentences and entire copy-pasted web texts from sources as diverse as Catholic pages, blogs, the Bible, and other online sources that had relevant content for him.


Lone actors — an emerging security threat. As is true of many with such convictions, he is convinced Muslim immigration to Europe poses an existential threat. Elsewhere in his manifesto he states that “I guess I will find out… If there is a God I will be allowed to enter heaven as all other martyrs for the Church in the past.

Most suggestive of all, perhaps, is the detailed diary the author kept of his day attempt to secretly build a fertilizer bomb while hiding out at a farm purchased explicitly for that purpose — chronicling his attempts to construct a device that would kill as many people as possible.

However, when we look at the references that he used, the image that we have of Breivik gets even more contorted. I suspect he killed the innocent youngsters to get even with their labour parents.

The masses in the US were hoodwinked with a false flag to get us involved in the middle east. Apart from these needs, the opportunity to find so many sources that rely on the similar or the same ideology probably gave Breivik a sense of connection and recognition. Breivik used Templar imagery in his European Declaration of Independence. Skip to main content. He mentions “one of the initial facilitators, a Serbian Crusader Commander and war hero” and claims to have been mentored by a member codenamed “Richard” he identifies his own codename as “Sigurd”.

Knights Templar 2083 Movie Trailer – Anders Behring Breivik

knihts In his manifesto, Breivik devotes a number of chapters to the history of the Knights Templar, their imagery and their contemporary significance. He gives his view on what is wrong with today’s society, points at numerous causes e. The document lists National Socialism as one of the ” 4 hate-ideologies ,” the other three being Islam, Communism and multiculturalism.

  L293NE PDF

The blockade of the incoming mud tide appears to have begun. They let Jews do it, instead. The exclusion reflects that the acts he is accused of having carried out, and the values that appear to have motivated them, are completely incompatible with what we stand for as an Order. Or is that only one side? They want control over their own countries in the Middle East and we want control of our own countries in Western Europe. Passport What did the Oslo killer want?

Swapping Cocaine for Peace December 28,1: Many congregated in France, where there presence was seen as a growing threat to King Philip the Fair, both because of their arms and the deep debts the king owed the order after his expensive wars with England. If this test would fail, I would abandon operation A and move forward with the non-spectacular operation B.

‘Breivik manifesto’ details chilling attack preparation

The same regime that has their sights on the middle east has placed a gemplar on our backs whites and white western civilization as well. Likewise for traitorous judges who let the rapists off? Sign up for free access to 3 articles per month and weekly email updates from expert policy analysts. The only real question was 2803 long would it take for that day to get here.

There was never a vote on forced multiculturalism. As he saw it, he was attacking the root of the problem, not striking at its branches.

Knights Templar by Anders Behring Breivik killer – Vidéo dailymotion

No SANE person wants to see his race replaced in his own country. They forgot how democracy came to Europe. Hunter, could you please censure this pompous jackass? I was wondering how long it would take to see someone here proudly celebrate the mass murder of Norwegian teenagers by this deranged nut case.