A website blog about papercraft and scale paper model. Model making using paper or card board. Loki Helmet Papercraft. Thursday, 12 July Rauf Raphanus Mask and Costume. E-mail ยท Print. Download. Loki Helmet Papercraft. Kinda sick of making papercraft after spending 2 weeks trying to build a . some times I just google ‘papercraft loki helmet’ and look up all the.

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I ran out to the hobby shop uelmet picked up some clear resin and a large candy mold sheet that was all different gem sizes and shapes. I picked up some wood filler, but in the end, I wound up only using it for the horns. That piece got set aside with the horns and I moved on to the next bits: I spent an entire day in my friends garage sanding one horn, comparing, sanding the other horn, comparing, etc.

Let me tell you something โ€” if you have any scratches or imperfections, shiny paint sucks. It cracked the paint that I had just finished, left me with a huge hole in the armor piece, and was just pretty much hideous.

After a ton of looking around online at Lady Loki costumes, I decided on a diadem style of headpiece rather than a full helmet and spent a few hours going back and forth on sketches.

Luckily one of the employees helped me chop it up right there in the store so that it would fit into the trunk of my car. When I finally had the basic shape figured out, I used a bit of craft foam and cut out the template.

Foam melts when you get helmwt too hot. In the end, my wife wound up making the majority of the leather and cloth bits while my main focus was on the armor and helmet. So, to all of you who have inspired, my hat is off to you โ€” and if I ever am lucky enough to meet you, drinks are on me for all your help in making my little girl happy!


Worbla is pretty easy to cut with a decent pair of scissors, but it is easier if you heat it first.

I had a leather coat hanging in the closet that had managed to get a hole in it a few years back, so the decision was made that this coat would get cut up and become all of the leather pieces for the costume.

As bad as I was about taking in-progress shots, she was worse. He has a great video on making armor using craft foam and Worbla which I followed to the letter. So, after a ton more shaping, sanding, cutting, etc. When heated it becomes pliable and when it cools back down it is basically plastic.

Avengers – Loki Helmet Papercraft Free Download

He,met compensate, I pulled out the wood filler I had previously purchased and started applying coats. Before and after sanding. I used a combination of clay sculpting tools and the tools from an old iPhone repair kit to get into the creases and edges to make the details as sharp as I could manage. So I dremeled out all the holes and simply superglued in the other eyelets.

To begin with, it is super detailed. Without a physical piece to actually compare to, I just sorta winged it. Luckily, everything worked out.

You see, depending on whose cosplay you look at, or hlmet screencap you see online of the actual armor piece, they all seem to be slightly different. In truth, pretty much this entire costume was planned around what this dude had to say because of his phenomenal results making a much more impressive Loki costume for his own child.

Avengers – Loki Helmet Papercraft Free Download

Also, because of the height of the hair on that lion, it threw off the look from the front โ€” so the entire shoulder guard piece wound up getting switched to the other shoulder just so that you could hdlmet something besides the backside of a piece of hair.


Where we live it gets pretty cold on Halloween, so the inside of the coat was lined with green fleece and cotton. After a bit of back and forth with my wife about how overboard we were willing to go with it, we set about making plans.

So right out of the gate, the very first eyelet that I popped in got all mangled and gnarly looking. Once the layers were dry, I noticed that they were still pretty rough. On the same bracer.

It comes in sheets of various sizes and loi be purchased online at many different places. So what did I do?

Marvel – Loki Helmet Life Size Papercraft Free Download

Basically papeecraft the hair, I used the v-cuts that I had previously made and made indentations in the Worbla to serve as a guide. When I got home I spent a good deal of time sitting in the floor watching The X-Files and practicing carving on a spare piece of foam to get the hang of it. Doing it all by hand and getting the two horns to match up identically was MUCH more difficult than I jelmet. Honestly even the word amateur seems a bit too kind as this was my first real go at doing anything like this using these materials.

Considering that none of the pieces of armor that I created were even remotely smooth, the roughness papercrwft shows up in the final pieces.