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Si prevede che questa cifra possa raddoppiare nel e triplicare nel Hoe beoordeelt de Commissie de implementatie, in het bijzonder in Nederland en Frankrijk? Does the Commission consider that it would be worth establishing a European inspectorate as a central platform for coordination and information exchange?

Intende promuovere programmi di sostegno e di assistenza ai familiari che si trovano ad assistere i loro cari durante l’ultimo periodo di vita, stante le previsioni di crescita esponenziale di tale malattia degenerativa? The EU equally stressed the need for Indonesia to fulfil international human rights obligations and the broad interpretation of the freedom of religion or belief under international law.

Also where fraud is not established and the case is treated as a non-fraudulent irregularity, money can be recovered from the beneficiaries. Cyprus is a State Party to the Convention since and ratified the Charter in The study methods are set out in the report conducted by AEA Technology.

To provide the participants with knowledge on LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas about its specific and technological aspects and product usage. The Commission welcomes the introduction of the Outright Monetary Transactions OMT scheme, recalling that it is associated with strict conditionality.

The following questions relate to this. In June German experts gave an overview of such a system as currently operated in Germany, a country with strong privacy laws.


The Commission considers carefully the situation on the milk market together with national competition authorities, as shown by the recently published ECN Report. In base al mandato conferitole, la commissione Farlam dispone di un termine di quattro mesi per presentare la relazione finale al Presidente. Outermost regions and multiannual financial framework. Would the new states have to apply for EU membership?

To provide participants the knowledge and skills that enable them to optimize and reduce logistics costs involved in transactions with your organization.

It also refers fisfalidade compensatory measures, which may be taken when a project is considered to be of overriding public interest is it possible to compensate for biodiversity loss?

Consequences at European level of the possibility of a Catalan exit from the European Union. In what way is the Commission linking the authorisation of genetically modified soya as angolnaa food— and feed-stuff to the question of residues? At the moment Greek authorities work with representatives from the Greek financial institutions and the Hellenic Banking Association to prepare a first proposal for further discussion.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Niettemin streeft de Commissie er voortdurend naar de rapportage van de lidstaten nog te verbeteren. In de bijlage is aangegeven welke bedragen uit het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling EFRO en het Cohesiefonds binnen het programma zijn toegewezen aan trans-Europese spoorwegprojecten.

Fisclaidade the specifics of the Accounting Standardization System in Angola; Interpret the report of the Financial Statements in Angola; Identify the main differences between the Angolan accounting At the time of creation of a classified document, the originator may indicate that the document may be downgraded or declassified at a certain date or following manuxl specific event. From its side, the Commission has the responsibility to ensure that EU legislation is properly implemented across the whole EU.

Are there any substantial differences between Member States? Het is de Commissie evenwel niet bekend dat het genereren van hogere belastinginkomsten de reden voor de afschaffing is, aangezien in documenten bij de ontwerpwet milieuargumenten worden aangevoerd om kolen die worden gebruikt voor het opwekken van elektriciteit, te belasten; de milieudruk hierbij zou namelijk zwaarder zijn dan bij elektriciteitsopwekking met behulp van andere vaak gebruikte energieproducten zoals aardgas.


To provide the participants the knowledge and skills necessary for managing human resources, in aspect such as HR’s administration, in particular, staff Management vs. Welche Kontrollmechanismen gibt es, um festzustellen, dass klassifizierte Dokumente zu Unrecht klassifiziert wurden? Given the Catalan political situation, it might soon be possible to call a self-determination referendum.

international training

The Commission is following very carefully the humanitarian situation in Lesotho and it is fully aware of the deteriorating food security situation in the country. Tali frequenze sono pregiatissime e, come richiesto dalla Commissione europea e dalla conferenza mondiale di Ginevra nell’ambito dello sviluppo dell’agenda digitale, a partire dal dovranno essere assegnate ai servizi di larga banda mobile.

Does the Commission know how far transposition of the directive has progressed in Belgium? This decision is surprising when we recall that the creation of a voluntary humanitarian aid corps was not considered. For the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement CETAas with any other negotiation of a bilateral trade agreement, the Commission is carefully ensuring that the Intellectual Property Rights IPR provisions correspond as much as possible to the existing EU legislation, but without going beyond it.

Follow-up angolaja on absorption rates of EU rail projects.

EUR-Lex – C/E/01 – EN – EUR-Lex

Om hulp te bieden bij deze taak, heeft de Commissie de Werkgroep van deskundigen inzake betalingsachterstand opgericht. In there were 18 cases reported. The contract was to be awarded to a company presenting the most economically advantageous offer.