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B Mufti Waseem also completed studies in the field of Tafseer by completing the following books of tafseer under such scholars who gained their doctorate in tafseer from Ummul Qurra University in Makka, and also from the Jamia in Madina.

Born in maulana yusuf motala books Point Fortin, Trinidad. Their office, Maktabun Nisaa provides counseling maulana yusuf motala books females and children, as well as classes in which women can come to class and also bring their children to classes. May Allah let the masses benefit from him in all ways and forms.

In this way, Mufti Waseem successfully completed maulana yusuf motala books studies at the Jamia Islamia in Karachi, where a number of other subjects were also studied. His care and love opened doors for me that I could have never achieved without his blessings and supervision.

When this became difficult, we tapped into the knowledge that Allah had bestowed upon him by going to his home where he would teach us while lying on his sofa. Maulana yusuf motala books is the quality of his Dars. This, he did under the tutoring and supervision of Mufti Shabil Ali A. Maulana Shiraz is a father figure as well as a role model for many of the younger Ulamaa.

He performed selfless service to the cause of Islam and Muslims not only in Trinidad but the region and the world at large. The religion of Islam has outlined a complete way of life whilst balancing the rights given to each individual.

It was with this in mind that he was very often heard as saying. Shaykh Abdul Salam is a fatherly figure whom Muslims of all maulana yusuf motala books, races and backgrounds look up to as a role model. After this, Mufti Waseem traveled to Karachi, Pakistan to continue his studies. Classes take place everyday malana even on Sundays.


AhleSunnah Library

Maulana Shiraz told us that Maulana has the special ability to speak comprehensively using very few words. At the tender age of seventeen, having been actively involved in the Tabligh Jamaat, Mufti Shabil left for India in where he pursued Islamic studies.

He is my teacher who has stood by me and aided me in all that I have chosen to do. Alhamdulillah, if we consider our rights in this manner yyusuf it will create an atmosphere of love and affection with those close to us. His classmates told us that amongst all the students at Darul Uloom at that time, Shaykh was the most loved by both teachers and students, including Barey Hazrat.

With respect to his studies, he first of morala started his basic Islamic studies in Quranic recitation, tajweed and fiqh in Trinidad, under the tutorship of the leading maulana yusuf motala books of Trinidad. However, many a time, it is more beneficial to forego your rights, in order to display your love and affection to those you love and also saving them from an obligation which could have maulana yusuf motala books to the individual becoming sinful.

May Allah accept his efforts mofala use them as a means of perpetual rewards and we humbly maaulana Allah to fortify his family, students, maulana yusuf motala books, etc, with the qualities of patience and understanding of His wisdom.

Shaykh Yusuf Motala | AhleSunnah Library

Maulana Shiraz is a very spiritual person with much experience of life. Maulana yusuf motala books goes without saying that functional moala of the Muslims of Trinidad and Tobago was one of his main objectives.

In addition to being the Principal of Darul Uloom, our dear teacher was also very instrumental in the formation of the UlO United Islamic Organisationwhich is an umbrella body comprising other member bodies. Shaykh takes active part in the maulana yusuf motala books of Tabligh.


Adwaaul Bayan fi Tarjuma Quran (Maulana Yusuf Motala) Large

In addition, courses on various subjects from an maulana yusuf motala books to a degree level were offered to a wide cross-section of the Muslim community. As students of the late Mufti Shabil Ali, we had the privilege of benefiting from the vast knowledge, experience and personality of his. Unlike Mufti Shabil, he was not one to write but he would give lectures all over the country.

I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to travel with Maulana many times. He also served as its chairman for a period of two years. May Allah let the masses benefit from him in maulana yusuf motala books ways and forms, Ameen.

May Allah accept all his efforts. I am happy for him that he died in a state that is pleasing to Allah, but I am sad that he had to leave us and his family in such a hurry.

His untiring efforts brought real Islamic values in the lives of many. Maulana is also very much attached to his Quraan. He has a simple, eloquent and distinctive style of explaining the purpose of human life and its creation and often uses practical examples to support his point. It made us, his students, appreciate maulana yusuf motala books even more. Within a maulana yusuf motala books years, several buildings at the Darul Uloom were constructed having gathered funds from the Muslim community.

Hundreds of Muslim families have benefitted from this Thawabi Jariya Continuous blessing. He lived an exemplary life of a true Muslim who inspired many.

Our Shaykh helps many to reform their inner selves.