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This, he did under the tutoring and supervision of Mufti Shabil Ali A. In retrospect, yusud seems to me that he never was an idle man. May Allah let the masses benefit from him in all ways and maulana yusuf motala books. Their office, Maktabun Nisaa provides counseling for females and children, as well as classes in which women can come to class and also bring their children to classes.

Shaykh Yusuf Motala |

I have traveled to Tobago, Barbados, Grenada, St. His devotion to education was well known to all, especially to us, his full-time students, for even in the latter stages of his life, despite acute illness, he would conduct classes with us while lying on a mattress. maulana yusuf motala books

His publications include seven books on the topics related to the teaching of Arabic, Tajweed and Islamic Studies for children. Maulana Shiraz told us that Maulana yusuf motala books has the special ability to speak comprehensively using very few words.

However, many a time, it maulana yusuf motala books more beneficial to forego your rights, in order to display your love and affection to those you love and also saving them from an obligation which could have led to the individual becoming sinful.

Quran (13 Line) with Urdu Translation – Moulana Yusuf Motala

Once, Allah allowed Maulana to address mltala nation. Some of us would have admired him because of maulana yusuf motala books integrity and trustworthiness, some because of his selflessness and humility, some because of his knowledge and impartial nature, etc.


Mufti Shabil Ali R. Shaykh has that quality that every student is very comfortable with him.


The primary reason for elucidating the life of our dear teacher Mufti Shabil Ali is so that we may be motivated and sensitized regarding the roles that we may be chosen to fulfil. These rights are distributed and balanced to create harmony between various people, maulana yusuf motala books it be family members, colleagues, friends, teachers, students etc.

He lived an exemplary life of a true Muslim who inspired many. He is a very spiritual person with much experience of life. At the Jamia, Mufti Yusur continued his studies in advanced and higher Arabic and Islamic Studies, until he successfully completed the eight year Aalim course at the Jamia in Since his return to Trinidad, Shaukh has been maulana yusuf motala books involved in educational pursuits.

Scholars | Darul Uloom Trinidad & Tobago

In addition to maulana yusuf motala books the Principal of Darul Uloom, our dear teacher was also very instrumental in the formation of the UlO United Islamic Organisationwhich is an umbrella body comprising other member bodies.

He has touched and affected positively, the lives of thousands of maulana yusuf motala books as his Janaza has proven. It made us, his students, appreciate him even more.

During his stay abroad, he became proficient in Arabic and Urdu. Shaykh takes active part in the work of Tabligh. May Allah let the masses benefit from him in all ways and forms, Ameen.


Let us be motivated and enhance our preparation for the Hereafter, for it is achievements like these that will be of value to us in the morrow. Some people were suggesting that they move to the back because they were young and they could not understand Urdu. I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity maulana yusuf motala books travel with Maulana many times.

Mufti Nizamuddeen Shamzi a. He carries students in Jamaat for the upliftment of Deen among the masses and he is very close and maulana yusuf motala books much loved by Hafiz Patel of Dewsbury and Maulana Ahmad Laat of Nizamudeen Markaz.

Darul Uloom represents the religion of Allah and Allah will take care of His religion utilizing whomsoever He pleases. Every year, Shaykh would tell his graduating students that, you will be a shining torch bools you would either show people the correct way or burn them.

It should be maulana yusuf motala books that despite the fact that Mufti Shabil Ali was devoted in the religious field, he still did justice to the other aspects of human life, e.

The Certificates and Degrees were all given and endorsed by Wifaqul Madaris, Pakistan, and accepted as being equivalent to the levels stated motaala all Islamic Universities in Pakistan and outside of Pakistan.

Allah has given him a great understanding maulana yusuf motala books deen. He also played an integral role in establishing the first Masjid in St.

He always tried his best to stay within the limits of Islam.