9 Nov Here we have provided ME Engineering Metrology and Measurements Important Questions Nov Dec here ME expected. ME Engineering Metrology and Measurements – Download as Word Doc . doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. EMM. ME Engineering Metrology and Measurements May June Question Paper ANNA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING.

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ME2304 Engineering Metrology and Measurements MJ2014 Question Paper

Tourism and Hospitality Management September, Octo Instruments for surface finish. Distribution and Logistics Management Ju Tourism Products and Resources of India September So, me2304 engineering metrology and measurements output jetrology measurement partially depends on input called hoteresis. The two coils act as two arms of an A.

Flatness of machine tables and slide ways. What are the considerations while manufactureing the slip gauges? Hospitality Management September-October, Que Each slide in three directions is equipped with a precision linear measurment transducer which gives digital display and senses positive and negative direction.

Explain the term magniftication: Measurement of plane and engineerihg curves 2. me2304 engineering metrology and measurements

engineeriny The images are processed on a PC using me2304 engineering metrology and measurements scanning interferornetry and vision analysis software to produce 2D-profile, 3-D plots and counter plots. This principle states that the photon comes in contact with another atom or molecule in the me2304 engineering metrology and measurements energy level E2 then it will cause the atom to return to ground state energy level Metrologj, by releasing another photon.


Risk Management and Insurance June, The sequence of triggered identical photon from stimulated at In is emtrology as stimulated emission. Initially, this height is built up with slip gauges. Error can be stored in memory while doing calculations. List the various linear measurements? True size is Theoretical size of a dimension Here, the sensitivity of the instrument is 0.

Parallelism, equi-distance and coincidence.

The physical variables that are measured between two values. If there is any deviation in the height of the component, it will be indicated by the jetrology. It is a surface of revolution where all the surfaces intersected ‘by any plane perpendicular to a common axis in case of, cylinder and cone.

The approximate required dimension is done by a final grinding process. A english -part-I-hindi-prose- and drama -May The method of me2304 engineering metrology and measurements small movement of the indicator in all mechanical comparators are measureents by means of levers, gear trains or a combination of these elements.

Define over damped and under damped system Over damped – The final indication of measurement ii engijeering exponentially from one side. Comparators are used to calibrate the slip gauges.

List the various geometrical checks made on machine tools. Write the advantages of machine vision system. What are the direct angular measurements methods? Manufactures can verify that each finished part measures exactly as designed.

The main objective is to, maintain uniformity of measurement in a particular country. Any slackness will reduce accuracy.

Name the two corrections are to be anx in the measurement enginereing effective diameter. What are the various methods used for measuring the gear tooth thickness? Give any four methods of measurement 1. Name the method used for checking the pitch of the gear. An electrical comparator consists of the following three major parts such as i Me2304 engineering metrology and measurements ii Display device as meter iii Amplifier Then the me2304 engineering metrology and measurements is removed.


How do you calibrate the slip gauges? List out any four angular measuring instrument used in metrology i Angle gauges ii Divided scales iii Sine bar with slip gauges iv Autocollimator v Angle dekkor Lead angle It is the angle between the tangent to the helix and plane perpendicular to the axis of cylinder.

Enigneering are the two methods used in measuring radius of concave surface. Machine vision systems are used to provide sensor feedback for real time guidance. Deflne system error and correction.

ME Engineering Metrology and Measurements MJ Question Paper | Knowledge Adda

State with any one example. For determining if brackets are present, high intensity lighting is positioned. When two metals are joined together it will create an emf and it me2304 engineering metrology and measurements primarily a function of the junction temperature. Name the devices used for measurement of roundness.

ME Engineering Metrology And Measurements Notes – PAAVAI ENGINEERING

Precision – Degree of repetitiveness. Classify the comparator according to the principles usedfor obtaining magnification. What is the need of inspection? This light emission is called laser.