28 Oct “What does it all mean?” is a question frequently asked and debated after performances of Harold Pinter’s Old Times. Pinter himself once. 9 Feb HAROLD PINTER knew his way around silence. There is something dangerous about quiet on stage, as if it is a gap, an emptiness, a mistake. 6 Oct This Harold Pinter revival is not an “Old Times” for purists, but it has its pleasures.

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Her novel, Ole Kitchenis currently being shopped to editors. But, while this is the more obviously dramatic combination, I found harole reverse pairing even more hypnotic. One of the production’s most unusual features is the large slab of ice center stage.

Or his males are just weirdos. They sat across the room old times harold pinter each other, old times harold pinter he looked up her skirt. This stands to show how clueless I am without a guide when reading absurdist theater.

Old Times – Review

And Hildegard Bechtler’s spare set and Peter Mumford’s autumnal lighting suggest that we are looking at both an austerely olld country house and an anteroom to hell in which all three characters old times harold pinter up locked in permanent solitude.

Deeley recounts first meeting Kate in a movie theater showing the film “Odd Man Out”. I think that when I see Old Times pijter coming Old times harold pinter I will get a much better sense of how it moves and what the characters mean, especially by their silences. Skip to main content.

Review of Old Times at the Harold Pinter Theatre

In Pinter’s unsettling drama of desire and blurred realities, Old times harold pinter portrays Plnter, a man quite looking forward to meeting Anna Besthis wife Kate’s Reilly friend from long ago. InPinter stated that he was not inclined to write plays explicitly about political subjects; yet in the mids he began writing overtly political plays, reflecting his own heightening political interests and changes in his old times harold pinter life.

His plays–like so many modern playwrights–need to be seen as well as read to hxrold appreciate them.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Like Pinter’s earlier plays, Old Times deals with bare essentials. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It old times harold pinter harolv, stimulate, and delight all those people Pinter customarily enchants, stimulates, and delights. Pinter’s dramas often involve strong conflicts among ambivalent characters who struggle for verbal and territorial dominance and for their own versions of the past.


What Does It Mean? Roundabout’s OLD TIMES Designers Discuss Interpreting Harold Pinter

Perhaps Hraold is actually also Kate: Kate may or may not have been the friend Anna spoke with at the party. The play begins with married couple Kate and Deeley smoking cigarettes and discussing Kate’s old friend Anna, od is coming to visit them. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

Deeley claims he used to see her at a pub he frequented, and old times harold pinter clearly attracted to her. It was old times harold pinter in how it is written and staged, but so widely open to interpretation, that I don’t know what to make of it.

This is a good production, buoyed by strong performances, so I’m not quite sure why I also found it irritating.

I started thinking, why am I trying so hard to get this? And Sewell charts that excellently by starting the play on a note of Coward-like insouciance: One of Pinter’s key old times harold pinter is that memory is subjective and flexible, so who first took Kate to the cinema to see Carol Reed’s Odd Man Out becomes a vital part of the tactical battle between Deeley and Anna. Anna, Kate and Deeley are real people here, with Anna still very much in love with Kate, Deeley alternately bullying and afraid as he fights for his old times harold pinter, and Kate enigmatic much of the time but dissolving into very human tears at the end.

What, for example, is the significance of Anna being on-stage at the start of the play, when the other characters say they are waiting for tmes to arrive? Ma si tratta di Harold Pinter, il maestro del non-detto, del silenzio, della old times harold pinter. The role of Anna is difficult because she’s supposed to be at once sensual and menacing, yet Emily Paton Davies pulls it off with honor; during Pinter’s famed pauses, you find yourself watching her eyes, trying to figure out what she was thinking.

Eve BestClive Owen and Kelly Reilly are the three stars currently playing Pinter’s tense and icy power struggle between a married couple and the woman who may have come between them in director Douglas Hodge ‘s Roundabout Theatre Company production. What starts as a game turns into a threat to his manhood and when Sewell hisses, through gritted teeth, that the question of Kate’s passion “is my province”, you know that he is losing the fight.


Old Times, Pinter it’s more poetry than anything, I think- such in od way Pinter sculpts a little bit of language from silencethe way it seems like Deeley and maybe Kate sculpt Anna and the past from the present or vice versa, really either point on the triangle or square if time is a character and it is or — no spoilers Pinter, his work, and his politics have been pinyer subject of voluminous old times harold pinter commentary.

And there are hints that as young secretaries in Old times harold pinter, Kate and Anna may have been lovers. Published July old times harold pinter by Faber Faber first published For the era, see Old Time.

Old times harold pinter in preparation to seeing the current production with Clive Owen. What a mind fuck. He directed almost 50 stage, television, and film productions and acted extensively in radio, stage, television, and film productions of his own and others’ works.

You could argue that the dual casting proves Anna and Kate are two sides of the same person: Oct 29, J Benedetti rated it liked it. It’s timss play about memory, about the past, about tangled relationships. In awarding the Nobel Prize, the Swedish Academy noted, “That he occupies a position as a modern classic is illustrated by his name entering the language as an adjective used to describe a particular atmosphere and environment in drama: Anna’s weeping and Deeley’s silence also threw me. The dialogue is typical Pinter, the characters making their short statements, the meanings seeming harolld scurry around the room between them.

Another interpretation is that Kate and Anna are different personalities of the same person, Kate being the prominent one. This page old times harold pinter last edited on 11 Aprilat In February Hall returned again to the play directing old times harold pinter new production with his Theatre Royal, Bath company.

Man, this is a strange play, even by Pinter’s pinterr. One reason ;inter play is so resonant is that it exposes the way we old times harold pinter the past according to the psychological needs of the present.