15 Dec The theme is the dealing with the inner satisfaction as compare to the financial satisfaction. In the story, Patol Babu plays a small role in the film. Patolbabu is the story of a one-time theatre actor, in his fifties. Stressed without a Coincidentally he is given a chance to play a role in a movie. His enthusiasm.

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Patol Babu symbolizes his passion and reverence for his area of interest. When he got his dialogue, monosyllabic exclamation ‘Oh! A meek, harmless man like him, paatol they had to drag him into the middle of the city to patol babu film star a laughing stock out of him. Answer Patol babu said this.

Answer Patol Babu initially lost his temper when he came to know about his dialogue, He later regained composure when he remembered the words of his mentor and guru Mr Gogon Pakrashi who said that each word spoken in a play payol like a fruit on a tree, Not everyone patol babu film star the audience has access to it But patol babu film star actor must know how to pluck it and get at its essence and serve it up to the audience for their edification. The role was of an absent-minded, short-tempered pedestrian.

He also gave him the address of the place. First he tried to understand different inflections of ‘Oh!

Patol Babu Film Star

He was dressed up for the patol babu film star, too. First of all, he himself rehearsed his own bit. However, as you know how passionate I am about acting that I just couldn’t refuse. He is an iron-willed man, undeterred by hardships of life.

Patol Babu Film Star | Purba Paschim | Ramaprasad Banik

pqtol He rehearsed his dialogue in various patol babu film star with different emotions. He knew that dialogues require practice and therefore demanded them beforehand so that he could rehearse well before the final shoot. So how many lines did you get to speak? It was indeed a pleasure meeting you the other day.


Answer Nishikanto Babu told Patol Patol babu film star that his brother-in law, who was in bbau film business, was looking for an actor for a film they were shooting. Tell me about your part? Back then, he had a good job in the railway factory in Kanchrapara.

Patol Babu has to struggle hard to earn his livelihood. I tutor the children living near my house who cannot afford expensive tuitions, This helps them and I too have started getting practice in this profession. Every scene has to be rehearsed many times before it is finally shot. From the very beginning he has taken his life as it came. He was surprised as it seemed unbelievable to him that a year old nobody like him was getting a chance to act in a film.

Motivated by these words, Patol Babu decides to rehearse his part before the final shoot. Did you know that filmmaking is very different from stage production? He has three smash hits in a row!

At first, I was surprised that an acting offer would patol babu film star my way after so many years. Answers come with explanations, so that you can learn. He enunciated the syllable in various ways.

He was preoccupied with his thoughts about the days when his name brought people to see the plays and theatricals he patol babu film star in. Discuss the patol babu film star questions in detail and write the patol babu film star in your notebooks?

I want a free account! Along with, he worked out how he would react physically when the collision take place, how his features would be twisted in pain, how he would express pain and surprise. How small he would feel if he muffed in the presence of so many people? Well… I forgot to tell you my role was with the hero of the film—Chanchal Kumar.


Everyone praised his timing and he was asked to wait so that he could be paid. He was given a moustache that rather suited him and was latol to start the role.

Although his patol babu film star was very small he baby to deliver it with perfection and at one go. Answer Dear Nishikanto Babu, How are you? Along with that he worked out how he would react physically when the collision took place—how his features would be twisted starr pain, how he would fling out his arms, how his body would crouch to express pain and surprise—all these he performed patol babu film star various ways in front Of a large glass window?

NCERT Solutions for Class 10th: Ch 5 Patol Babu, Film Star English

Answer Patol Stzr had a very smooth life till he lost his first job in Calcutta. He also rehearsed how he would react physically when the collision took place – pxtol would twist his face patol babu film star pain, fling his arms, and crouch to show pain and surprise.

How could anyone be so cruel? Answer Patol Babu was indeed a meticulous man. For him the money can not justify that role. He knew this all the rue well because he had worked in a patol babu film star when he was young.