Political Ponerology has ratings and 28 reviews. The first manuscript of this book went into the fire five minutes before the arrival of the secret p. Political Ponerology is shocking in its clinically spare descriptions of the true nature of evil. It is poignant in its more literary passages revealing the immense. Andrew M. Ɓobaczewski. P O L I T I C A L. P O N E R O L O G Y. A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes. Translated from the original Polish.

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At this stage, Lobaczewski says that those normals who were personally dominated by deviant people experience a special burden and take on a special role. This resistance develops a language of the oppressed with which to communicate.

Political ponerology

Apr 10, Karthi Mohan rated it it was amazing. Oct 13, John G. Would have been interesting to read the two previous versions if they would have been published. With further study, we can learn to better categorize ponerogenic groups according to factors that truly matter, such as their size, actual goals and the demographics of the dominant pathologies in each.

Its aim is to help individuals and societies in their attempt to maintain critical thinking and become sustainably creative instead of perpetually traversing the boom and bust hysteroidal cycle. Take, for example, the disparity between the CIA ‘s stated goals, such as.

Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

Jul 30, Brent Cope rated it it was amazing Shelves: On the other hand, religious communities are extremely vulnerable to being hijacked and ponerized themselves or to facilitating ponerization through aggressively promoting ineffective moralizing and emotionalizing responses to it. Favor leadership by normals who themselves understand pathology and can thus advise and lead based on this wisdom rather than based on emotionality or mythology Structure systems in formations that reduce the likelihood of ponerization Hold the good of society pklitical paramount when creating laws, rather than aiming primarily at punishment Use force protectively, rather than vengefully, when it is indeed necessary Promise, and keep our promise, to ensure tolerable living conditions and areas for pathological people as they readapt into society.

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But, as long as we do maintain such governments, we should use our knowledge of ponerology to optimize them as best we can by striving to: Subordination to a psychopathic individual has severe effects on a normal person.

Paranoid individuals are well aware of their ability to enslave others, and take full advantage of this early in life. We manage to live our lives with only our emotional thinking and the pursuit of happiness, but these are insufficient tools when dealing with psychopathology. They entries were the same, just with different wording: They often live day-to-day with no poljtical thought for the future.

Political Ponerology Home

We then apply this mode of thinking to others whose behavior we see as improper. If you found this page helpful, then: In short, while they may encounter moments ponfrology inner tension caused by some confrontation of their own beliefs with contradictory data, in po,itical own minds, they are never wrong. I sincerely hope that this is the case. Indeed, there cannot be many other activities that produce so many rewards for violent psychopaths, with such impunity.

In the same vein, our ideological classification scheme is too often failing us. Psychopathic leaders, however, are often more clever, and use characteropathic individuals as subservient tools.

This book was a revelation for me. This type of brain damage does not impair memory, intelligence, or the ability to accurately intuit a psychological situation. Drug-induced Characteropathy “Regarding pathological factors of ponerogenic pojerology, perinatal or early infant [brain] damages have more active results than damages which occur later [in life]. This will happen in spite of the fact that these values are obviously distorted and disregarded.

This fundamental deficit in a minority of the population allows our global tragedy to continue unabated. The true cause of ‘evil’ actions goes unpunished, much like an Army Private punished for the crimes of his superiors.


For instance, in a pathological system, the people who are supposedly in charge are often not the ones actually wielding power. Lobaczewski explains that part of the reason the pathological so aggressively seek power is that they are often quite poor at making a living in an everyday setting within a system of normal man.

As such, frontal characteropaths are characterized by abnormal levels of reactive aggression as opposed to the instrumental aggression which characterizes essential psychopaths. He invokes terminology including agents, contamination, doses, entry points and susceptibility and describes the somewhat contagious nature of paramoralisms and paralogistic tactics in explaining how pathology infiltrates and then spreads through systems.

Social disease may be called macrosocial under either of two conditions: Mar 24, Plebeian rated it really liked it. Protect the Integrity of Material Taught in Educational Systems Schooling has long been an area in which pathocrats seek to indoctrinate students by promoting certain regime-friendly material while covering up other, perhaps undesirably revealing, material.

Psychopaths are unable to construct a “mental and emotional facsimile” of another person. Such groups’ antisocial activities and blatant disregard for moral values naturally disgust normal people, and thus their influence does not spread far before they lose their battle with society.

The inexperienced may not recognize this. He also emphasizes the importance of developing and popularizing ;onerology objective technical terminology and nomenclature that allows us to communicate about these conditions without having to resort to emotionally charged or overly subjective language.

However, characteropathic thought processes differ, and are characterized by heightened emotional violence and pathological egotism. By supporting resistant networks of normals, we create fertile ground for an objective viewpoint that will better prepare society for these changes.