7 Jun RFT Interview Questions and Answers. 1) What is RFT? RFT Stands for Rational Functional Tester, It’s an IBM ‘s Rational. + Rational Functional Tester Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What are the main features of Functional Tester? Question2: What Process is. 29 Dec A beginning has been made to bring out High Quality Interview Questions on Rational Functional Tester (RFT), generally used by the.

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What are the Advantages and disadvantages of dynamic views? Customizes the layout of test object methods in the helper class.

Agile Methodology Interview Questions. Thus the user can avoid running of the test manually to the appropriate state before recording the verification point.

What are the differences between the Data rft interview questions point and the Property verification point in RFT? These type of checkouts do not guarantee the right to create the successor version.

Rational Functional Tester Interview Questions « Matt Archer’s Blog

How does it work in RFT? Verification rft interview questions can be inserted to validate the system response. What is the Process of test automation by using Rational Functional Tester? Question 1 of 3 A recording is started by: Regular Expression Evaluator is used to test a regular expression while editing an object property.

Rational Functional Tester Interview Questions & Answers

Play back each script against the same version of the application under test that was used intervifw recording. RFT provides following two versions of the deleteCookies method: When we associate a Functional Tester project with a Rational project, we can use TestManager to run the Functional Tester scripts on computers that are designated as Agent computers from a single Windows computer, rft interview questions the Local computer.


As a best practice we should intervieew any bound references immediately after we feel that there is no need for them any more. NET Scripting extension integview it. Windows Test Object Name: Creating and playingback the scripts from within Rational TestManager. Therefore, any scripts using this test object map shall be able to share the rft interview questions information. What should be the best practice to unregister the test lnterview references in RFT?

Path specification that includes directory and the name of the DLL is done. Rational Functional Tester can be used for performing following functions: We rft interview questions create a new innterview object map, either by basing it on an existing map or by adding objects as required. After we data-drive a test to create a datapool or create an empty datapool, we rft interview questions edit the records and variables in the datapool. We can use any rft interview questions compression program which support the.

Edit the value in the Questinos field, and click this rft interview questions to test it. In the new script, RFT includes import statements for files we need to compile the script and comments containing archiving information. Verifies the values that are captured during recording exactly with the values that is captured during playback in content. All Functional Tester scripts use a default helper superclass.


What are the benefits of associating a Functional Tester project with current Rational Project? It contains recognition properties for every object, hence we can update the recognition information in one intervlew location. Yes, RFT has a rich API, but remember your automated test script will use that same API regardless of whether you type the commands into your script by hand or let rft interview questions quwstions enter them for you and then tweak the script once the rft interview questions is complete.

IBM RFT Interview Questions-Q 1 to 10

This will enable the environments for testing. We can make the following changes to a datapool: The test playback in RFT is independent of the platform as well as independent rft interview questions the browser. It allows users to create tests that rft interview questions the expected and unexpected actions performed by the human while using qiestions software application. NET test objects in a script.

Under following situations we may need to change our script for accessing an object property.

We can import project items like scripts, test object maps, Java files or Visual Basic files, and datapools into a Functional Tester project.

For testing HTML applications on a particular browser scripts are recorded in a usual way using following rft interview questions steps: