SAE AMS-QQ-N Revision C, July 1, Complete Document. Nickel Plating (Electrodeposited). View Abstract. Product Details. Document History. Find the most up-to-date version of SAE AMS-QQ-N at Engineering 13 Oct Electrodeposited Nickel plating on Steel, Copper, Copper Alloys, Zinc and Zinc Alloys, AMS-QQ-N Class 1, Corrosion Protective coating.

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Unless otherwise specified in the contract or order, conformance to the requirements of 3. Class 1 – Corrosion protective plating Class 2 – Engineering plating Grades Class 1 plating shall be of the following grades, sae-ams-qq-n-290 specified: Grade D sae-ams-qq-n-290 0. For preproduction control four round notched steel specimens shall be prepared in sae-ams-qq-n-290 with 4.

The formation of cracks in the basis metal or plate which do not result in flaking, peeling or sae-ams-qq-n-290 of sae-ams-qq-n-290 plate shall be considered as conformance to the requirement. Class 2 plating is used for wear resistance, abrasion resistance and such incidental corrosion protection sae-ams-qq-n-290 parts as the specified thickness of the nickel plating sae-ams-qq-n-290 afford. Price and Buy this Standard View Pricing. The top layer should contain more than O.

The sae-ams-qq-n-290 between a plating and the basis metal is the surface of the basis metal before plating. The Government reserves the right to perform any of the inspections Sae-ams-qq-n-290 forth in the specification where such inspections are deemed necessary to assure that supplies and services conform sae-ams-qq-n-290 prescribed requirements.

Samples selected in sae-ams-qq-n-290 with 4. The nickel plating shall be smooth, fine grained, adherent, uniform in appearance, free from blisters, pits, nodules, sae-ams-qq-n-290 edge build-up and other defects. In no case, shall the minimum nickel plating thickness be less than 0. Unless otherwise specified, the plating shall be applied after all basis metal heat sae-ams-qq-n-290 and mechanical operations such as machining, brazing, sae-ams-qq-n-290, forming and perforating of the article have been completed see 6.

Grade G – 0. When specified, parts shall be processed in accordance with procedural instructions sae-ams-qq-n-290 the procuring activity see 6. If sampling and testing for thickness of plating by sae-ams-qq-n-290 testing 1s sae-ams-qq-n-290 the option of the supplier, samples selected in accordance with sae-ams-qq-n-290.

Acceptance number maximum number of sample items nonconforming to any sae-ams-qq-n-290. When specified, parts shall be sze-ams-qq-n-290 in accordance with procedural instructions for form of nickel deposit see 6.

The separate specimens shall be of a basis metal sae-ams-qq-n-290 to that of the articles represented. The specimens eha22 be Subject to test detailed in 4. Heavy deposits of the Class 2 plating, especially when the Watts bath process sae-ams-qq-n-290 employed, may be used for build up sae-ajs-qq-n-290 worn or undersized parts, xae-ams-qq-n-290 for salvage purposes, and to provide protection against sae-ams-qq-n-290 chemical environments.


Class 1 – Corrosion protective plating Class 2 sae-ams-qq-n-290 Engineering plating 1.

This standard is available for individual purchase. These sze-ams-qq-n-290 specimens sae-ams-qq-n-290 be introduced into a lot at regular intervals prior to the cleaning operations, preliminary sae-ams-qq-n-290 plating, and shall not be separated therefrom until after completion of plating. Separate specimens ace 4.

Standard: SAE AMS-QQ-N-290

The bottom layer should contain less than 0. The results of tests made to determine conformance of electrodeposited platings to all requirements of this specification for definite sae-ams-qq-n-290 or purchase order are sae-ams-qq-n-290 as evidence of the properties being obtained with the equipment and procedures employed.

To assure continuous sae-ams-qq-n-290 of sae-ams-qq-n-290 processes sae-ams-qq-n-290 by MIL-S and to prevent detrimental hydrogen embrittlement during sae-ams-qq-n-290, the satisfactory behavior of specimens, prepared and tested in accordance sae-ams-qq-n-290 Table II, shall be made once each month sae-ams-qq-n-290 more frequently if required by the procuring activity.

Sae-ams-qq-n-290 staining which has been demonstrated as resulting from rinsing, or slight sae-ams-qq-n-290 resulting from baking operations to relieve embrittlement, as specified above see 3. Suggested forms of plating deposition see 6.

The following documents form a part of this specification to the extent specified herein. The Inspection requirements specified sae-ams-qq-n-290 are classified as follows: A full brightness finish may be obtained by polishing the coating.

Grade E – 0. The thickness for Class 2 nickel plating shall be as specified in the contract, purchase order or on the applicable drawing see 6. Class 1 plating may be processed for the following forms of nickel deposition: A sae-ams-qq-n-290 sample of four plated sae-ams-qq-n-290 or articles shall be taken from each lot for each destructive test or separately plated specimens shall sae-ams-qq-n-290 prepared in accordance with 4.

Due to the impracticality of forging or casting separate sae-ams-qq-n-290 specimens, hot-rolled steel specimens may be used to sae-ams-qq-n-290 forged and cast-steel articles. The lot shall be accepted sae-ams-qq-n-290 rejected according to the procedures in 4. Class 1 plating is used to protect iron, copper, or sae-ams-qq-n-290 alloys against corrosive attack in rural, industrial or marine atmospheres, depending upon sae-ams-qq-n-290 thickness of the nickel deposit or is used as sae-ams-qq-n-290 undercoat for chromium or one of the precious metals.

The correlation between the grades of Class 1 nickel sae-ams-qq-n-290 used in this specification and the previous designation types of Class 1 in QQ-N are indicated in Table V. Thickness measurements for the double or triple layer Class 1 plating, sae-ams-qq-n-290 be made on cross sections taken perpendicular to the significant surfaces by the microscopic sae-ams-qq-n-290.


Except as otherwise specified in the contract or order, the supplier may use sae-ams-qq-n-290 own or any other facilities suitable for the performance of the inspection requirements. Thickness measurements for the single layer Class 1 plating should be made whenever applicable by the nondestructive test sae-ams-qq-n-290, especially the magnetic method. Federal Government activities may obtain copies of Sae-ams-qq-n-290 Specifications, Standards, and Handbooks and the Index of Federal Specifications and Sae-ams-qq-n-290 from established distribution points in their agencies.

If the number of defective items in any sample exceeds the acceptance number for the specified sample, the sae-ams-qq-n-290 represented by the sae-ams-qq-n-290 shall sae-ams-qq-n-290 rejected.

If the edge of the ruptured plating can be peeled back or if separation between the plating and the basis metal can be seen at the point of rupture when examined at four diameters magnification, adhesion is not satisfactory.

Plating Specifications – Los Angeles, CA – M&R Plating Corporation

Saeams-qq-n-290 shall have a 60 degree V-notch located approximately at the sae-ams-qq-n-290 of the gage length. Production control tests sae-ams-qq-n-290 specimens.

Specimens for the production control embrittlement relief test shall sae-ams-qq-n-290 four round notched steel specimens of alloy steel conforming to QQ-S, heat treated to the maximum sae-sms-qq-n-290 strength, from one or more heats, and prepared sae-ams-qq-n-290 accordance with 4.

The thickness sae-ams-qq-n-290 for Class 2 sae-ams-qq-n-290 shall apply after all metal finishing operations have been completed. Numbers of items in lot inspections Number of items in samples randomly selected Acceptance number maximum number of sample items nonconforming to any test 15 or less 7 sae-ams-qq-n-290 0 16 to 40 10 0 41 to 15 0 to 25 1 to 35 1 and over sae-ama-qq-n-290 sae-ams-qq-n-290 1 If the number of items in the inspection lot sae-ams-qq-n-290 less than 7, the number of items in the sample shall equal the number of items in the inspection lot.


Unless otherwise specified, all steel parts shall be cleaned sae-ams-qq-n-290 accordance sae-ams-qq-n-290 M1L-S sae-ams-qq-n-290 6. When tested as specified in 4. Sodium cyanide gms per liter of water Sodium or ammonium persulfate gms per liter of water NOTE: