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A and B started a joint firm. What per cent of — is —? If Fahad bought the Radio for Tk. At a school, the teacher-student ratio is 1: A, B, C subscribe Tk.

The total number of ways is 2 a head and a tail. The percentage of slump in business is: The ratio of their volumes cMIckto 1: If two mixers and one TV cost Tk.

The pattern is 1 x 3,2×5,3×7,4×9, 5×11,6×13,7×15 etc.

saifurs math solution

South East Bank A 5: The cost price of the chair Ls: What will be its population after 2 years? If its population was inwhat will it be saifure ? Arif received a total of 48 chocolates. Now, 7 liters of water is added to the mixture.


By what percent must a housewife reduce the consumption of sugar, so that the expenditure on sugar is the same as before?

The rate percent per annum is: Which of the following represents the product of two consecutive integers? Express each of the following as a decimal: Prime numbers 2, 3, 5, 7,11,13 have successively been subtracted.

Therefore, the ratio of the side of the square and the radius of the circle is: The weight of Kalim is an integer. Three utensils contain equal mixtures of milk and water in the ratio 6: What is the smallest multiple of both 12 and 18?

In how many years will Mr. The third proportional to 0. Salary of B and C together is Tk.

Between — 1 and 1 C. A dishonest dealer professes to sell his goods at cost price. A horse and a cow were sold for Tk. Simple interest on a certain sum at a certain rate is — of the sum.

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Which of the following fractions is largest? The next prime is The present population of a country estimated to be 10 crores is expected to increase to The fourth number is: Its population 3 years ago was: A vendor amth a number of bananas at 3 for a taka and sold them at 2 for a taka.


The total numb ci ol votes polled is: Thus, data is inadequate. The proportion of his marks in Maths and History is 4: The marked price of the watch is: A school saifuds only 3 classes which contain 40, 50 and 60 students respectively.

An employer pays 3 workers X, Y, and Z a total of Tk. What is the greatest possible value of xy?

Third proportional to 9 and 12 is the same as nath fourth proportional to 9,12 and Alternately, we add 5 and subtract 7. Two thirds of the remaining students voted for Mr. Matu much does X make a week? How much his partner Ratan should invest in order that the profit after one year may be in the ratio 2: These problems come in one of two varieties on tests; single overlap and double overlap.

So, 96 is wrong. The most common way of using a fraction is to represent a part of a 3 whole.