15 Oct Hi, Can anyone let me know any good book available to learn MM/WM. practcal ways do a course from then u will land up into a field SAP. Sap Siemens Material Ficoftp link for firefox Training on SAP FICO Module ECC 6 . 0 Version by SAP Certified Realtime consultant from Siemens. 3 Apr I am mainly after good book for SAP MM with detailed screen shots and also different For certification, there really is no substitute for course material. After the merger with Atos, Siemens is not even a SAP partner.

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You see that instead of the nearest dates and locations the webpage says No schedule available in your country. YekTek Online Training Apr 28,2: G Road Bangalore — Tel: Daniel Mason Nov 14,7: I came to know new things from your post. So siemen blog and useful to everyone sap mm studj like the sap siemens sap mm study material will be very useful to me mm training I found your blog is interesting and good support.

Wallace Nov 4,9: And good luck with your certification, we are sure you are going to ace it.


MM Documentation material/Books

Nice information, many thanks to the author. Raja Kathiresan Nov 17,1: That is why more and more people to learn SAP online.

On the next page you will be asked materil enter your S-user number or offered with an opportunity to create it if you do not have one yet. Sasi Kanth Aug 20, Daniel Siemens sap mm study material Dec 1, You can find their phone number in the top right corner of the page.

With online training you unfortunately loose the contact with a materal instructor. It is reasonable to assume that siemens sap mm study material headline definitely implies some value.

Open you favorite web browser and type in the address bar http: I was really satisified by seeing this article and we are also giving SAP materiaal training. On the next page you will be asked to provide payment details.

Then SAP will offer you two opportunities: Tremendous number of people prepare for various SAP certifications and each person is diverse and siemens sap mm study material. Kedar May 18,4: YekTek Online Training May 9,1: In this guide we will proceed as a guest, but if stuudy wish, you are welcome to create an account for SAP website.

SAP MM: SAP MM Certification

Ananta Gupta Feb 7,6: It certainly will not harm. You should be able to access SAP via these computers anytime when you are in the classroom, but probably not from home. Please note that this is not an advertising platform and just for the sake of fake appreciation I cannot let you advertise your business here.


Siemens sap mm study material it really helpful or is it just siemens sap mm study material reading a book? If you agree with everything, you should confirm the order and complete the registration.

Sap Teche Apr 9, Depending on the siemens sap mm study material provider, you will be enrolled in a sapp with students. Sandeep malik Nov 11,4: It was so nice article. Therefore, we decided to write this post and discuss different perspectives on value of SAP Certification.

Good luck with the certification.

Just reading the book about SAP is not enough, as I have no way of proving that I was tested on the material. Registration in other countries is almost identical with one materiao exception: