Manageris recommande l’article Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning, Harvard Business Review, 3M executive Gordon Shaw began looking for a more coherent and compelling way to present business plans. He found it in the form of strategic stories. Telling . 4 Nov Strategic plans need to provide cutting insights and expose new Bromiley P. Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning.

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Whatever he decided, getting senior management behind him would be a challenge. But any of these abstract proposals could be part of a powerful strategic plan. Administrative Science Quarterly, 36, By conveying a powerful impression of the process of winning, narrative plans can mobilize an entire organization. Please review our privacy policy. After critiquing hundreds of plans, he started to look for a more coherent, compelling way to present them.

The strategy we ls draws on diverse areas of 3M. How do our key success factors hkw with those of stries competitors? I think of many global companies which spin a tale of the rewrlting family.

Bartel Organization Science Would you consider these real stories? What critical issues stand as obstacles to success? National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. My premise was that because there is so much opportunity for multiple interpretation, management spends many meeting hours judging stories and st orytellers and hosting focus groups to capture storied characters in its panoptic web of relationships and story performances.

The act of writing a full, logical statement encourages clear thinking and brings out the subtlety and complexity of ideas. Disney since the mids has been dogged by allegations of being a sweatshop employer, with only money as the bottom line. May—June Issue Explore the Archive.


The battle lines were quickly drawn between the proposed Disney’s America Theme Park and the historic preservation community. We believe that bueiness our plans for the future as compelling stories can help us do just that.

The conclusion requires a logical, concise argument that is specific to the situation and leads to the desired outcomes. Showing of 36 extracted citations. Despite the rewritinng or knowledge of their authors, these plans usually aren’t anything more than lists of “good things to do. Lists can communicate only three logical relationships: When the placement is correct, a second adhesive system is activated to bond the graphics in place.

Strategic Stories

To the outside observer it appears to be largely generic and is hardly inspiring to senior stakeholders who must approve it, or to those who must ultimately implement it. BrownPhilip Bromiley Published in Harvard business review Virtually all business plans are written as a list of bullet points.

As Barry puts it “storytelling rights should be given to everyone in an organization, and not just the PR group or the top executives. Do any of these stories make you think of other stories you could contribute?

Today we would craft the plan in the form of a narrative. In a very fundamental way, then, storytelling and planning are related.

Workers in Haiti get paid as little as 28 cents an hour. Likewise, a good plan lays out a vision—not just a generic platitude, but a fully enunciated statement of how the business creates value.


To the strategic planner, consultants are offering this advice. Hoechst, however, did not have the skills necessary to develop storie market applications. They can contribute strafegic relevantly and endorse more wholeheartedly.

The ultimate success of our plans depends on how effectively we inspire the people who make those plans happen. The employees to staff the rides and pop corn machines or stitch the clothes in Haiti or assemble the toys in China do not see Disney as the postmodern story machine. It reduces complex business situations to a few, apparently clean points.

With stories and counter stories, I can not sort out, in this brief space, fantasy, spin control, and material conditions. The narrative allowed them to identify busuness problems. It keeps coming down to the same thing—you have to be able to show that the storiess is there.

Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning.

In the Bruno Latour sense, stories real-ize changes, they are ontologizing. Global Fleet Graphics will create a central repository of images that can be electronically transmitted to production facilities worldwide.

Once upon a time, the substantive piece of the business plan for the division might have looked something like this:. Or are they story fragments?