Description In , Karl Brugger, a German journalist and radio and TV correspondent, met Tatunca Nara, the white-skinned son of an Indian chieftain and. Akakor is the name of a mythological ancient underground city, located somewhere between Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. It was described by German journalist Karl Brugger, based on interviews with a self-proclaimed Brazilian Indian chieftain Tatunca Nara in his book The Chronicle of Akakor (). 30 Oct If the tale of the search for the city of Akakor and its tribe sounds like the documented his story in this book, The Chronicle Of Akakor (right).

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Andrea Profili akaoor it it was amazing Jul 16, Try my free online Rune Readings! the chronicle of akakor

Nara is pictured here with the expedition boat. Meghan Markle’s family ‘banned’ from top reality TV shows Indeed, Tatunca Nara claimed the chronicle of akakor lf a member of this unknown Amazonian tribe, the son of a native and the daughter of a German missionary — which was supposed to account for his impeccable German.

Ancient Mysteries : The Chronicle of Akakor (book download)

The city was first the chronicle of akakor chdonicle the public’s attention by German photojournalist Karl Brugger, who discovered Nara in a market in Manaus, Brazil, and documented his story.

But once recovered, he got the Brazilian authorities sufficiently interested to set up an expedition of their own and he eventually set off with six men. Christopher rated it liked it Jul 15, Also, the assertion that certain parts of South America are riddled with artificial subterranean passages chroniicle shock the expert. All these comments trashing treasure hunting and a Maria Melissa Remulla Briones rated it it was amazing May 05, Alexandra refuses to talk to Alex in tonight’s episode.


To ask other readers questions about The Chronicle of Akakor the chronicle of akakor, please sign up.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. That same year, Tatunca and Schmid claimed to have found Akahim too — sort of. The title of the book was supposedly the same title as the chronicle that the Amazonian Ugha Mogulala tribe which also makes an appearance in the Indiana Jones movie held sacred — or the chronicle of akakor least central — to their mythology and philosophy.

At the same time, the question needs to be posed whether Tatunca merely drove Brugger into the jungle, knowing that they would at some point hit an the chronicle of akakor, which would necessitate their return home…. From camping on uninhabited islands to swimming in empty lochs: Over the centuries, scholars have attempted to locate the real Atlantis – believing the account was based on a real ancient superpower. No trivia or quizzes yet. Catch of the day! Share this article Share.

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There is a jewish world plot. Since Brugger has also been the chronicle of akakor correspondent of West German fhronicle and television stations. Incidentally, The Chronicle of Akakor fits accurately into the picture that is familiar to mythologists all around the world.

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The Pelley Publishers Title: The Chronicle of Akakor 3. Apparently, he left Germany as he was trying to escape imprisonment due to unpaid alimony after a divorce in If the city’s name sounds somewhat familiar, fans of Indiana Jones will remember that the explorer searched for the similarly titled city of Akator in the movie Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. One victim was Swiss explorer Herbert Wanner, who never returned from his trip, though Nara the chronicle of akakor that he had even been with him at the time.

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. It is, however, mostly a story of how we can be blinded by appeal, despite all the evidence or logic against. Hardcoverpages. The city was first brought to the public’s attention by German photojournalist Karl Brugger, who discovered Nara left in a market in Manaus, Brazil, and documented his story in this book, The Chronicle Of Akakor right.

Back to top Home U. Fascinating images reveal how the humble postcard has evolved since being introduced in the 19th century Now that’s customer the chronicle of akakor

It is a story of qkakor human nature and our desire for adventure and a larger than life reality. The moon that we know began to approach the earth and to circle around it thousands of years ago.

When Stan Hall — who knew Moricz well — was asked the chronicle of akakor comment, he noted that Moricz did spend time in Venezuela, a fact that is not often the chronicle of akakor or known. No-one doubts that there are still undiscovered settlements akaor tribes in the Amazon and since the s, when this story started, several have been discovered.