Chess Story, also known as The Royal Game, is the Austrian master Stefan Zweig’s final achievement, completed in Brazilian exile and sent off to his American. 13 Dec So begins “The Royal Game”, by Stefan Zweig, perhaps the best chess story ever written, perhaps the best about any game. Never mind that. 3 Apr On 15 August , Stefan Zweig and his wife set sail for Brazil, where they two years after his death, and now appears as The Royal Game.

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Zweig [] had a keen insight to the human mind, especially its darker side.

But that melodrama is nothing like what the third story achieves, a fairly unbelievable tale of devoted love in the face of thoughtless sensuality. A high-ranking monarchist official, Dr. Thousands of monarchists were executed or sent to concentration camps, and the pretender to the throne, Otto von Habsburg, fled to the United States, being sentenced to death in absentia by the Nazis.

The stories of Stefan Zweig are exquisite gems. Be prepared to say to yourself all of the following in the course of the read: B had been imprisoned, alone, in a hotel room by the Nazis: Written in detailed, often flowery manner, they give insight into a thin slice of society through a central character whom the reader comes to know well.


When thoughts of being found out run in a heated cycle of paranoia then regret, I felt the pounding of fear in my own veins. Jun 10, M. I want to read more of his stuff. I’d like to read more by Zweig. Dec 09, Pages. One need not be a lover of chess to love this work. Book ratings by Goodreads.

Chess Story by Stefan Zweig |

Zweig’s novellas royyal stories take place in Europe in the period between the wars. It is obvious Zweig still felt Hitler’s betrayal and deceit when he invaded Zweig’s home country, Austria, after promising he would leave it alone, for that feeling has colored all his stories. The Books of Earthsea: His stedan power turns out to be his greatest weakness: Letter from an Unknown Woman by Max Ophuls starred Joan Fontaine, a staple of Hitchcock movies because of her acting ability in thrillers.

Zweig’s prejudice against people who don’t share his values of civilized society is palpable.

Books by Stefan Zweig. Dec 09, Pages Sttefan. These five stories are an excellent introduction to Zweig for those who have not yet discovered him. I found myself on a steamship out of Constantinople booked in a third-class cabin by an inept shipping agent. Here are brief descriptions. Inspired by Your Browsing History.


The Royal Game and Other Stories

Jul 24, Bill S. This book was published postumously, after Zweig committed suicide in Brazil, one of seve Each story is exquisitely conceived and composed. Lastly, “Letter From an Unknown Woman” later filmed by Max Ophuls will literally wrench a reader’s heart as it unfolds its terrible tragic tale. In the same year, with the rise of Nazism, he briefly moved to London, taking British citizenship. In both The Royal Game and Amok the story is told on a boat.

Aug 16, Fabio rated it it was amazing. He is challenged to a game by his fellow ocean liner passengers, demands to be paid, and things run awry when an unknown player joins the group and helps force the champion into a draw. The book also has a fine introduction by John Fowles.