Catalogue UPVC pipes and fittings and also a main manufacturer of HDPE and UPVC pipes provide smoother wall surfaces that reduce fluid friction and. uPVC Pressure Pipes for Water Distribution. uPVC Pipes for Land Drainage & Sewarage. SPECIFICATION. APPLICATION. RATING. SIZES. BS Waste. PVC Pressure Pipe Systems PVC Pressure Pipe Systems PVC Pressure Pipe Systems This product catalogue has been compiled by Vinidex Pty Limited (“ the.

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Sewage pipe for industry wastewat.

What is the difference between Type W and Type B? Smooth surface with small fluid resistance, the pipe will not be stained with dirt. Good resistance to sea water. Road pipe,drainage,and cable in heavy traffic areas. Good resistance to chemicals, which can be applied to the transportation of medical products and seawater.

High quality pipes each having special properties designed for its specific range of application. Smooth surface with smaller roughness coefficient of 0.

  ASTM E2180 PDF

Our companies are ISO Printed Cups and Containers. Smooth surface with no stain of scale. CNS Fitting 1. Free way engineering Strong catapogue to water pressure, outside pressure and impact, which can be applied to any piping engineering.

The PVC pipe is light and easy upvx transportation, loading, and installation with labor saving. The room temperature fluid pressure pipe for ASTM electronic factory. Good resistance to acid, alkali, and corrosion, can be applied to the drainage of wastewater. How to bend the PVC pipe? Can the pipes with same outside diameter but different thicknesses be used together?

Agriculture Pipes & Fittings

Precise control throughout your automation pipee. Good resistance to flattening, flaming, and heat, can be applied to any electric conduit construction. Well drilling engineering 7. The thickness of pipe can be divided into 3 specifications: Food and Dairy Containers. Good electric insulation for the conduits of wire and cable construction.

Pressure rating up to 16 bar. But the physical property will be tremendously reduced when applied to organic solvent. Well drilling engineering 4. Good resistance to the corrosion of most acid, alkali, and salt, used for industrial piping. The best benefit of PVC-DWV Pipe is it can reduce the draining cataloggue, which is the best option for pipss and building wastewater drainage. Why there are orange and grey different two colors for PVC pipe?



Catalpgue products are sold by agency system, please contact our distributors. The diagram is provided for reference The relation of PVC pipe between water pressure and dishorge. The thick pipe thick fitting and thin pipe thin fitting cannot be used together.

Our range of uPVC systems offers comprehensive solutions required to complete any domestic or industrial drainage system. Dairy and Ice Cream Cups.

Good withstanding of voltage and electricity. The small diameter pipe can be packed by rolls to minimize the joint parts.