A very powrful KAVACHAM TO PROTECT LISTEN AT LEAST ONCE. Check out Sri Varaha Kavacham by Prakash Rao on Amazon Music. Stream ad- free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on 26 Nov Lord Varaha is the avatar of god Vishnu in the form of a boar. Varaha is listed as third in the story of Varaha: When the demon.

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This place where Lord Varaha kxvacham at times of yore, Is the one which gives victory and destruction of enemies. Also works on Tablets. Varaha Kavacham translated as The armor or Varaha is a powerful stotra for ultimate protection and will align the reader with the higher frequencies of the Universe.

Varaha Kavacham – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Varaha Kavacham translated as The armour of Varaha is a powerful stotra for ultimate protection and will align the reader with the higher varhi of the Universe. Let my east be protected by Lord Varaha, Let my south be protected by him, who is end of terrible beings, And let my west be varhai by the holder of Mace, Who killed the rakshasa called Hiranyaksha.

Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam in legendary voice of M. This destroys crores of evil deeds, grants you salvation, Makes you have students and sons who are good and well behaved.

Sri Varaha Kavacham

Varaha is listed as third in the Dashavatara. All great sacred waters of rivers daily mix in this sacred water, And a devotee taking bath in this, surely reaches the feet of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnuin the avatar of a huge boar, entered the ocean, killed Hiranyaksha, and rescued Mother Earth.

You can win over the veil of magic and In seconds defeat king of Rakshasas, And can become the Indra, the king of devas.


Pleases hear Kalyani that holy armour of Varaha, Which is secret and gives wealth and victory to humans. Learn kavacnam Mantra, the Chalisa, the Aarti and more.

Vishnu Sahasranamam In Telugu. Varaha Kavacha which was composed by sage BrahmaEven though extremely secret is being given to men. In the morning let me be protected by lord of people, Who has been protecting them for ages, Let the diamond kaavcham one protect me in the noon, And he who is worshipped by every one protect me in the evening. One who chants Varaha Kavacham in the shade of Banyan tree, In the banks of Nithya Pushkaranee for one hundred weeks, Without any doubt and as a matter of oath, Would get great countries, would again see a lost person.

Oh divine lady, keep this as kavahcam from bad people, For this Varahaa Kavacham helps us you to cross the sea of samsara. Take vsrahi in the Pushkarini in the shade of banyan tree, Purify oneself internally and go varahj the banyan tree.

Jai Gayatri Maa Lite. Translate the description back to Dutch Netherlands Translate. Lord Varaha is the avatar of god Vishnu in the form of a boar. He who writes it and wears in the neck or on the hand, Would get freedom from enemies and get position equal to king.

Retrieved from ” http: Without doubt it will give us knowledge of BrahmanAnd wearing this armour, Mandatha became a great warrior. For him who reads or hears this, There would not be any death, And all ghosts would be afraid of him, And salute him bowing down.

VARAHI KAVACHAM – Vedic Astrology

Hearing the great story of Lord VishnuWho is the ocean of all good qualities, Parvathy who was extremely happy, Asked Lord Shivathe Shiva of the world. Reading this daily will grant you many benefits.


He took this incarnation to save Earth which was kavacha, by an Asura called Hiranyaksha who afterwards hid himself in the deep depths of the causal ocean.

Varaha Kavacham Surya Design Lifestyle.

Let killer of Madhu protect my face, Let Lord Damodhara protect my teeth, Let the un knowable one kaavcham my nose, And let my eyes be protected by the Lord, Who has Sun and Moon as his eyes.

Hearing the words of her Lord the goddess became very happy, And begot Ganesa and Subrahmanya who were worshipped by Gods. Subbulakshmi ji with Lyrics. Aum Namo Bhagavateh Vasudevaye!

Would get cured of tuberculosis, epilepsy and leprosy. Let me be protected by lotus eyed one during dusk, Let the lotus eyed one protect me at night, And let the God of everything protect me at mid night. It protects our body, destroys great sins, Cures all diseases and bad effects of all planets.

Varaha Kavacham

Let my knees be protected by he who carahi victory, Let my feet and calf be protected by the greatest among men, Let my hip be protected by the red eyed god, who wears the universe. Once in a month see the white Varaha along with goddess Lakshmi, And the one who does this wins over untimely death.

He gets freedom from worries and diseases, Gets rid of problems created by planets, He enjoys several types of varrahi, And in the end surely attains salvation.