A user’s guide to the VME, VME64 and VME64x bus specifications. View Abstract . Product Details. Detail Summary. View all details. Active, Most Current. EN. In 6U and 9U systems there can be transition modules installed on the rear side of the backplane. Transition modules do not connect to VMEbus but just to the. The VMEbus Handbook: A User’s Guide to the VME64 and VME64x Bus Specifications. Front Cover. Wade D. Peterson. VMEbus International Trade Association.

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Traditionally, 6U modules can generate or accept up to bit address and bit data transfers. These companies made big, bulky and expensive computers called mainframes and minicomputers. Strictly speaking, these modules are not supported by the VME64 specification.

Furthermore, there are many options available on VMEbus backplanes.

Mezzanine modules are a popular way to customize a VMEbus card. Another popular VMEbus card style is the conduction cooled module.

The reflective memory cards allow handgook memory segment on one backplane to appear on another. As we’ll see shortly, the basic capabilities of VMEbus have been greatly expanded since its inception.


Currently, there are over 30 types available for VMEbus modules. What was the ‘original’ VMEbus standard?


The term ‘bus’ is a generic term describing a computer data path, hence the name VMEbus. Read-modify-write Cycle An indivisible bus cycle that is used to pass semaphore information in multiprocessing systems. Handler Responds to requests from interrupters. vmebbus

However, if a custom connector must be used, then the VME64x standard recommends that the front panel keying mechanism handbbook installed to prevent installation of an incompatible module. A bus cycle that moves data in a ‘block’ or ‘burst’ fashion.

These include but are not limited to mezzanine modules, crossbar switches, serial channels and high-availability type products. Special expanding card guides then transfer the heat through rails and then out to the chassis. They also had fewer choices because it was very difficult for third parties to enter the market with their own innovative ideas. For example, the minimum features that must be present on 6U modules include:.

What software runs on VMEbus computers? The actual data transfer rate of a VMEbus module may be slower than that shown in the Table.

Block Transfer Cycle A bus cycle that moves data in a ‘block’ or ‘burst’ fashion. The new design combined the VERSAbus electrical specification, which was based on microprocessor technology, with the rugged and modular Eurocard packaging system.

vebus What is live insertion hot swap? Unlike the DIN connector family, they include v,ebus for mating impedance and maximum capacitance. This was the situation in when the VMEbus architecture was born. Arbiter Monitors and grants ownership of the DTB. All bus activity takes place on five sub-buses. However, VMEbus modules can be designed, built and sold without license. Critical Embedded Systems are everywhere. The pin connector has thirty-two additional pins located on both sides of the original DIN connector.


The rear transition module cards are defined by the IEEE There is no central synchronization clock. VMEbus is quite fast, especially in it’s most recent manifestations.

The VMEbus handbook – CERN Document Server

Anyone can make VMEbus products without any royalty fees or licenses. While the mezzanine module concept has been around for many years, the VMEbus mezzanine industry has been fragmented because of all of the types of mezzanine cards. Other, proprietary operating systems are also known to exist. However, there are a few exceptions to this. Table 2 shows just a few examples.