5 Jan The new rules for 8th edition regarding missile weapons allows you to fire these in two ranks, which now adds a lot of versatility. For a narrow. Find great deals for Warhammer Fantasy Ogre Kingdoms 8th Edition Army Book. Shop with confidence on eBay!. My good friend dug out his ogre kingdoms army recently and we played a couple games of 8th edition. He has been unceremoniously tabled.

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We might see an increase of second-tier cav black knight, cold one rider, Empire knight etc in combination of spears to counter orge mass and speed.

Ogre Kingdoms in 8th Edition : Warhammer

Do you think he should be a Green Knight type character? Download This update changes the following compared to the RH list: That’s an interesting point. The ‘Everyone Has Their Price’ rule allows Greasus to use his immense wealth to inspire greed and confusion in the foe.

And if he uses his magic phase to dispel that’s less magic coming at you. It obviously does not affect units that are Immune to Psychology. I would expect the Hunter to do additional damage to any animal unit especially large and could also give benefits to animal creatures in your own army especially Sabertusks.

Though Str 10 grapeshot is insanely good. It is likely that they were left unfinished as the polar gates had collapsed and ushered in Chaos. A wizard that can fight, has a breath weapon, has flaming attacks, and has a ward save against flaming attacks is really nice. I thought Grimhorn were meant to be bigger, badder, meaner Rhinox, which in the experimental Forge World rules for them, they were. The D3 impact hits, the 7 attacks per model and the stomps all add up to being tonnes of hurt.


The newly created Warpstone Deserts made survival incredibly difficult and only the strongest survived. They bicker, they anchor a very important general to a slow moving block, they 8gh behind, and you tend to move forward so aggressively because shooting just destroys your bad armor saves that you’ll have no need for a tarpit.

My observations were based on how its going to work out against about 13 of the 15 armies.

Ogre Kingdoms Speculation and Roster : totalwar

Good to see that you fixed the armored butcher issue. However, they are good meatshields and useful for distracting or lending support to your Ogres with their numbers. Depending on the size of your game, you orge wait for gorgers to arrive if you’re not already within warmachine shooty distance. Playstyle -Do you like Monstrous Infantry?

Slavegiant -Exact warhamner as the Ogre Kingdoms Giant. And don’t even get me started on Ironguts Perhaps the Great Throwing Spear could be replaced with Javelins.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Ogre Kingdoms

Reutermo has right idea, Minotaurs and Crypt Horrors have 12 in each unit. No way he would lead an army so a Legendary Assassin that can be brought for a contract would be effective.

Retrieved from ” https: Great feasts were held in empty halls and the Sky-titans architectural marvels were mostly torn down, wafhammer fading reminder of their achievements.


Yes, when you look at it like that, it’s even more likely. Buildings can keep their level as Ogres move and pack up when migrating and quickly set up again what they had built building is taken apart, carried on animals and built again ogrs the new spot.

So tell me, ogre players of 8th edition, what are your thoughts? Manbiters have a hand weapon, flail and light armour.

Ivory Road- The continent-spanning trade route known as the Ivory Road is often said to be the only traversable way from the Old World through the hazards of the East and into the heartlands of Grand Cathay, and even then the journey is fraught with peril.

Bonecrusher- Shoveling a handful of ribs, skulls and femurs into his mouth, the Butcher crunches them up even while deition curses his foes, who immediately find their own bones breaking with loud snapping sounds.

6 Inch Move Review – 8th Edition Warhammer Armies – Ogre Kingdoms

People will get hyped regardless as it is a new faction. Looking for more ediion a certain thing? These guys will utterly destroy a unit that they fire upon and armour-piercing and all other cannon goodness will apply.

This combination makes Gorgers a berserker unit that can shatter units upon hitting.